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Clean Up

 Hurricane Ian was not kind to my neighborhood. It is very sad to see.

Debris waiting for pickup.

No saving

These places will only be torn down and replaced.

These are among the worse but there are many more as bad and many with lesser damage that nevertheless will be a long time in repair.

It's already hard to get insurance that is any where near affordable. I wonder what the future will hold.

Still, the park held its official Christmas decorating day today. And many have put out lights and wreaths and other decorations. Trees are shining in windows under tarped roofs. It says something about the spirit of people in hard times.


  1. This up close and personal report really brings home the hardships that disasters like this bring.

  2. That is sad but familiar since I use to live in Florida. People don't realize that LONG after the cameras leave does it ever get back to normal. Shame on those insurance rates but you can't really blame the companies.

  3. My goodness, I can't even imagine coping with such devastation. The tenacity and resilience of those affected is amazing.

  4. I hope that doesn't happen to my house. Just awful.

  5. We were just talking about how things must still be down there. I'm so sorry. I fear this next storm is going to wreak more havoc for more people. I hope it doesn't hit already devasted florida!

  6. It is so very sad to loose everything like some did. Very sad indeed.


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