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Beautiful Beaufort

Last October, my sister-in-law, Jean, and I drove to South Carolina low country for the wedding of Mike's first grandchild. The events were on St. Helena Island. It was an evening wedding so on the day of, I walked around the historic city. It's quite beautiful -- the flavor of Savannah or Charleston without the crushing crowds and traffic.


My stepdaughter and her husband built a lovely home on the island a few years ago and are living their dream of plenty of room for grandchildren (two to date), a vegetable garden, and plenty of time to fish, clam, and cook up low country feasts.

Looks just out of a Patrick Conroy novel!

It was a fairytale wedding.

The bride and her three brothers:

The bride is a beautiful and talented young woman:

Wishing them all happiness!


The tall brother above is married and has two little boys. The middle brother is getting married in the spring. The little brother just graduated from Clemson with an engineering degree. Their grandfather would be so proud and happy. Well, I am sure he is!


Ah welcome back. Nice new site!
I've not been to S. Carolina. I picture mossy trees and lots and lots of mosquitos in low country. Silly right? The bride was gorgeous as were the men. October is such nice weather down there without heavy humidity.
Tom said…
At first I thought you were talking about beautiful Bluffton (which is nearby), but Beaufort sure looks beautiful, too. So does the bride. Proud indeed!
Arkansas Patti said…
Lovely town, lovely bride. If the middle brother is getting married in Spring, maybe that calls for another visit.
Linda Reeder said…
Such an interesting and beautiful place to visit, and then a beautiful wedding and a chance to reconnect with family. Lovely.
Maebeme said…
What a lovely area! The houses with the big verandahs are a definite highlight.

Congratulations to the bride, her groom, and the whole family. I'm sure your Mike was looking down with much pride.
gigi-hawaii said…
Beautiful photos! I like their house, and everyone looks so happy! Congratulations to the bride and groom.
Bindu said…
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing
Country Girl said…
Such a beautiful place and time of year down there! What lovely memories for the happy couple. What a lovely couple and family!

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