Friday, April 16, 2021

Things I Just Don't Understand

 My neighborhood has a gate at the back exit/entrance. It is meant for the use of residents and require a bar code on your vehicle. I have a full view of the gate when I sit outside to read. Every single day a FedEx, Amazon, or UPS delivery truck goes up to the gate, sits there for a bit, and then  -- beep, beep, beep -- has to back up to go around to the main entrance where there is no gate. Every single day. Shouldn't the word be out by now?

Yesterday a large truck, looked like a moving van, pulled up to the gate. Of course the gate did not open. The driver laid on the horn. I mean long and hard. And when that didn't open the gate, he tried again . . . and again.  He got out and waved at the bar code reader and rattled the locked gate, but guess what, he couldn't get it to open.

I got a second email from the waste management company (aka garbage collection) asking me to fill out a survey. I ignored the first one but the second one had more of a pleading tone. How likely are you to recommend waste management company? (scale of 1 to 10) Seriously? I would honestly have to say zero because who is ever going to ask me for such a recommendation? It's just never going to happen. How satisfied are you with out trucks? You mean those garbage trucks that are dirty and smelly by the end of the day just like any other garbage truck I have ever seen? Am I supposed to get excited about your trucks for some reason? How satisfied are you with the reliability of our services? Ha, I can answer that one because the posted pick up day is Thursday, lots of the neighbors have their bins out on Wednesday, and here is Friday and about a third of the bins haven't been emptied yet.

Why must we take a survey for everything? Just do your jobs. I have gotten a survey about the service for stopping at the dealership to get air put in a tire.

COVID cranky?


gigi-hawaii said...

Yeah, I agree with you. I am sick of surveys, too. Just do your job, man.

Arkansas Patti said...

The waste management guys are probably up for contract renewal and hope to swing the vote with positive reviews. Sounds like they need the help.

Maebeme said...

LOL! I assume eventually the truck driver got told (or maybe grabbed a brain) and moved around to the other entrance?

When I get dumb surveys like that I either ignore them, or I go full on negative on them. There's been several times I've provided a sarcastic answer in an answer and then said, refer to my previous answer for the remaining questions.

Have a great weekend!

Olga said...

Maebeme, He did finally give up the notion that honking his horn was going to open that gate.

Patti, Don told me to give a good review or expect my garbage to sit in the driveway for a week.

Gigi, I particularly dislike being lobbied to give a good review. There is something distasteful about the whole idea.

Granny Annie said...

I am sick of surveys too. You need to design a survey to put on the back entrance of your neighborhood asking drivers "How stupid are you?"

Kay said...

Maybe should put up a big sign for those delivery trucks so they don't resort to horn blowing.

I've done a bunch of those surveys. I wonder if they do any good.

Taja said...

I would call it Survey Cranky or Feedback Cranky! As others have noted, JUST DO YOUR JOB! I do not understand this constant need for approval and participation trophies!

I always have disliked surveys--I know far too much about developing the things--and refuse to do them. If a company or organization annoys me sufficiently, I will rate everything zero with a nasty comment to remove me from their contact list. Politely nasty, but definitely nasty!

Feedback for every business transaction? Feels like kindergarten! That said, if someone does a bit extra (or even competently at times!) I will ask the best way to leave positive feedback where it will be most beneficial. :-) And definitely will complete a survey or feedback form if that is what is required.

I think I am just becoming a grumpy senior citizen. *lol*

...Taja (in Arizona)

Joared said...

I, too, am fed up with survey's that come in emails, postal mail and the phone. I reject them all any more.