Saturday, February 27, 2021

Is there an end to this in sight??

 Life in the time of Coronavirus has slogged on for a year now. It's not an original comment to say everyone is pretty much tired of it. 

Nobody saw it coming. Maybe Bill Gates did have a clue, but nobody listened.

It's been quite the adjustment. Bloggers have to stretch to come up with creative posts. I myself have taken to just scrolling through memes for hours on end and appropriating someone else's sense of humor.

Some of us are turning to crafts

sometimes to the annoyance of others.

There are always tasks that need doing around the house. Remember saying, "When I get the time I'm going to . . ."? And yet

Cooking, especially baking, has become popular. Of course eating has been elevated to a new status as well.

DIY is a thing. I do like to make a lot of my own cleaning products to avoid noxious chemicals in my house.

Not all accidents are bad, BTW.

TV binging is a life saver for some of us.

Self care schedules and routines have been altered.

But maybe we are saving some money.

There are times when you just have to get out. That means wearing a mask.

I remember this episode from The Twilight Zone.

And maintaining social distance.

But there are always those who can't follow the program and you never know where they have been.

I really feel for those who have to deal with home, work and their children's home schooling.

Some can cope much better than others.

Stay well. Stay safe. Get vaccinated when you can. Always be kind to yourself and others. laugh whenever you can.


Tabor said...

Humor is always welcome...even if stolen from elsewhere! That kitten was priceless, but maybe it is because I identify too much.

Rian said...

These were great, Olga. I loved all of them... especially the first cat with the knit hat! So true. And the kitten! Our governor is thinking about taking off the mask regulation... believe me, I'm sticking with it for a while yet!

Terra said...

You found so many funnies, you got me to smile. That last one is great. I got my two jabs, here in California, so I will probably go in a store and grocery shop next week. Yes, I am wild. Also I will have coffee outside at a friend's house soon, six feet apart, I will bring my own coffee. Whoopee!

Barb said...

Thanks for the smiles! Without humor, where would we be?

Arkansas Patti said...

Lots of giggles here for me too. They all hit pretty close to home.

Maebeme said...

These are all good! The one I identified with the most is the last one, but I must admit I've been a lot of time diy'ing.

Take care, stay well.

Linda Reeder said...

Olga, you are wonderful! I loved all of these, but I really realized I was like Clint in that last one.
We got our second Covid shot this morning. We won't be changing our life style much for now. We are in for the long haul. But being vaccinated is a relief, especially since many in our age group are still struggling to get appointments.

Kay said...

Hawaii has just moved to Tier 3 this week and suddenly everybody seems to be out. Sort of freaks me out. Had to deliver our tax things to our accountant today and she wasn't wearing a mask. The people who were with her before us were also unmasked. Once they saw us, they pulled up their masks though. Still, our accountant told us she didn't think she needed to wear one. Arrrghhhh! As we were coming home, we saw restaurants full of people. We were going shopping at the commissary, but saw all the people and decided to go home. This is all making me really nervous.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's been a year. I put together a book for my grandies, as they've een here quite a bit. 24 weeks...

gigi-hawaii said...

Well, I am glad you manage to have some laughs. Laughter is the best medicine, isn't it.

Tom said...

You gave me a lift ... thanks for that!

Granny Annie said...

I hurt from laughing. You certainly found some great funnies. Where in 5 years? Hum? Hopefully looking at COVID-19 in my rear-view mirror.

Country Girl said...

Yes--- life after Covid will be a freeing experience. But when......?