Monday, May 25, 2020

Walk, Continued

Plumbago was named after the Latin for lead (plumbum)  because the plant was once used to treat lead poisoning. It's native to southern Africa where some tribes rub a powder of the charred roots into cuts to produce the raised scars for body decoration. I suppose a similar impulse leads others to get tattooed.

These beach plums are pretty but completely inedible. I have seen beach plums in New England but somehow they don't look like these at all. The sign said they were beach plums though.

These are one a several different kinds of date palms.

Baby live oaks, but still providing shade.

FUN FACT: Palms are technically not trees but a herbaceous plant more similar to grasses and sedges. 
Oleander blooms are quite beautiful, but all parts of the plant are poisonous.

Florida panther statue.

Sweet gum tree.
When my step daughter moved to South Carolina her husband told the kids there was a gumbo tree in the backyard. They thought he meant gumball tree and had visions of a lifetime supply of sweet candy treats. The seeds are ball-like in that they are round, but they are also spiky and sharp. No fun for bare feet.

Fish tail palm.


If I remember correctly, this is a Cuban royal palm.
They get quite tall and line the main street of Venice to nice effect.


  1. I love plumbago flowers, especially when the bush is covered with them. So pretty! I love the pale blue color against the green leaves.

  2. I did Google "Beach Plums" and read that they are native to the US east coast and are found from Maine to Florida. They must adapt to the different conditions in that wide climate range. Interesting.

  3. I enjoyed revisiting all the palms but the live oaks always made me feel at home with the hanging Spanish moss.

  4. I too love live oaks and the hanging moss... reminds me of City Park in New Orleans. And I really like that panther statue. Happy Memorial Day Olga!

  5. The flora is so wonderful! As much as I like nature, that statue is the best, though!

  6. Very pretty! And all unusual to my eye. Thanks for sharing.


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