Friday, May 22, 2020


I felt the need to expand my walks from just making circles around my neighborhood. Parks have reopened in the Arboretum
is one of my favorites. There was a young mother with two young children and myself the only ones about so social distancing was not a problem.

The weather is getting hot so shade was welcome.

Jacaranda trees are starting to bloom. The flowers are pretty up close but the thorns are quite forbidding.

Variegated hibiscus --

the flowers are pretty

but I think the foliage is amazing.

Pony tail palms always make me think of a Dr. Seuss illustration.

Bottle palm. This bottle seems a bit wonky.

Fluffy fox tail palm.

Fragrant jasmine.

These are some kind of lily. They actually grow in  thick clumps but these guys were taking a rest on the ground.

Now I am taking a rest, not because I am tired from my walk but because I am tired of trying to wrestle photos onto the post. I'll save the rest for another time.


  1. Boy did you take me back to Florida with all those photos. Kind of miss the foliage found usually only there. Hibiscus are a real favorite. My grandmother's house in Key West was surrounded by them. They always remind me of her. She was precious.

  2. Nice walk. I didn't realize there were so many different kinds of palms.

  3. Nice walk and pretty photos too. Your flowers and foliage are different from what I see in Hawaii.

  4. I've never seen a pony tail palm before - what a interesting tree!

    Take care and stay well!

  5. Thanks for taking us along. Florida fauna is so foreign to this northwesterner.

  6. Ooops. That would be Florida flora, not fauna, is so foreign to this Northwesterner.

  7. What a lovely walk! Amazing foliage, you are right.


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