Sunday, January 12, 2020


I went out to a Farmers' Market this morning. When I got back to my development, there was a big bloodmobile parked in front of the community house. There was a big sign urging all the residents to donate blood. A free tee shirt was involved.

Did I feel a little guilty about driving right on by? Maybe just a teeny, tiny bit. But do i really need another tee shirts? Not at all.

I wrote here almost ten years ago about my feelings regarding donating blood. I haven't really changed my mind.

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  1. Somebody really messed up with the needle! I can understand why you wouldn't want to go back.
    I used to donate fairly frequently but because I've travelled to the Caribbean every winter for a number of years I haven't been able to go again. I probably could now as it's been over 9 months.

  2. We should all give blood. B gives blood. However, um, I do not. I have low blood pressure and I faint.

  3. What a careless job they did with the blood draw and not checking on you. I completely understand why you haven't done it again. I never gave blood when I was young and healthy, and now I'm old-ish and have medical conditions and take medicine that would not permit me to donate blood. Years ago, my husband used to donate blood two or three times a year. He looked forward to it because his employer gave employees the rest of the day off after giving blood in the afternoon.

  4. I had an IV once infiltrate under my skin and yes it does hurt. Can see why you are turned off. I use to give all the time. In Florida I am guaranteed free blood for life I gave so much. Here--guess I pay the usual freight. Now days I can't give being on blood thinners. That would be pretty mean giving thin, runny blood to a sick person.

  5. I read your post about your bad experience at the blood mobile, and don't blame you one bit. I can't donate blood because I am in poor health.

  6. I have never donated blood. Not sure why. Maybe becasue I tend to faint over the sight of blood?


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