Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I while ago I mentioned an article I had read online about what not to put in a garbage disposal. Recently I mentioned it to my plumber friend, asking him, "so what exactly can you put down a garbage disposal?"

He poo-pooed most of the restriction in the article and said that the big problem was that people didn't use the disposal properly. Run water, turn on the disposal, feed the scraps into it, turn off the disposal but keep the water running so that everything does not get left in small pipes that clog easily.

I still will be composting most of Thanksgiving detritus, but it's good to know I don't have to be paranoid about tossing the occasional egg shell along with plate rinsing scraps.

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  1. My plumber friend said to avoid carrots and coffee grinds. He said the grinds are like sand and clog the pipes. I almost never use the disposal anymore.

  2. I put instant mashed spuds down my brand new sink and whee what a mess and it cost me my rebate from our utility company to come out and flush it..the fellow plumber told me no grease in the disposal and to be careful of anything like instant spuds, now I just compst most everything and it works great..I also had him check for no extra fee my dishwasher brand new he untangled the line so I can use the thingie on the top to spray it, only once so far..I don't plan to use the disposal much as the fellow told me most appliances only last a few years, my hubs bought the sink, disposal and dishwasher as gifts for me so I don't want to jam anything up..I also scrap all my dishes in a handy sink pan and throw the stuff out in bags into the freezer our garbage fellow tells me I have the least amount of garbage and it smells wonderful, I put cake and cookies on top at the holidays..Our garbage and water here is expensive.. Happy thanksgiving day & hanukkah and Christmas too! peace, joy and love, read your blog all the time!!!!!

  3. We spent a fortune one year. We'd moved into a house, and the S trap was clogged with grease. A bucketful. It was so gross.
    Of course, on septic, we put very little down the toilet but toilet paper and you-know-what!

  4. Good advice! I'll remember to run the water to clear the pipes.

  5. That is good to know. I think I probably don't run the water long enough after grinding. I will remember this for the future.


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