Sunday, August 12, 2018

I am being followed

on Google+.

I have legitimate followers even though I rarely look at Google+.  know this because my blogs get posted there and I recognize followers names.  I am not sure if I signed up for that or if it just happens automatically when you use a blogging platform.

I hesitate to label those whose names I do not recognize as illegitimate followers but it does amuse me that every once in a while I will get a notice that so and so followed me on Google+.  Sometime I get a whole bunch of those notices at once.  Sure, I would like to think my witty little jottings here are gaining recognition.  However, I am more inclined to thing of the whole Google+ thing as an invitation to scammers.

It seems a lot of those who would follow also want to "chat on Hangouts."  Chat about what exactly?

Lots of would be followers also seem to have two first names or two last names.  Some even seem to be confused about the whole name thing.
  • Williams harry
  • Raymond william
  • jeff William
  • frank william
  • Brown Jimmy
  • Tony Steve
  • Robinson Murphy
  • Donald patterson wayne
  • General Michael
  • Naval Architect
  • gorge richmond
  • mackeykathy Dawn
Somehow these strike me as suspicious names. I did not make up any of them.

Then there's Johnathon Louis and Eric Frank.  They look exactly alike! Imagine.  I suppose they could be identical twins who happen to eschew using their true last name and always go by first and middle, but I doubt it.

Then there is the unsettling preponderance of high ranking military officials on the list.  There are a few with white lab coats and stethoscopes slung around their necks.  Military officers and medical doctors -- exactly the type of people I picture having the time and inclination to chat with total strangers on Hangouts.

It's so sad that there are people out there willing or reduced to taking advantage of others.


  1. I think that choosing or not choosing Google + is an option in settings...??

  2. Oh the gang from my Facebook requests have found you now? These well educated professional men must have acres of time on their hands to ferret out strangers as friends.

    One of my friends got sucked in and had a lucky escape. I told her he would eventually ask for money which he did, a temporary loan while he waited for a windfall.

    What was it Barnum said? A sucker born every minute.

    I agree it is so sad.


  3. I had a friend as a kid named Richard George, so not all people with two first names are fake. But, I dunno. I don't hang out on google+, simply because ... it's just one more thing.

  4. This is very odd....and a bit scary to me for some reason

  5. Wow, those names do seem made up. Also such a preponderance of professional males??

  6. I have never paid attention to my "followers" list. Clicking just now I see that there is very little information. Anyway, whatever. A chat hangout?? I have no idea. I guess I am an innocent babe in these woods.

  7. I don't think I have that sort of thing on Wordpress.

  8. Girl, you can't blink before something is changed on google, blogger or Microsoft. I appreciate that I can express myself for free but then so can anonymous who loves to leave strange messages.


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