Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Know A Bad idea When I Hear One

Some people say that there are no bad ideas, that good ideas start with bad ones.  Well, that may be true but it does assume one can actually see that an idea may be bad in order to use it as a stepping stone.

Some ideas are bad but people act on them anyway.  Not that I have never been guilty of it, but I call that stupid.

Clearly a bad idea.

Does she really think this will relieve anyone's dentist phobia? Reminds me of a phlebotomist who did vampire impressions before taking a blood sample.  I fainted.  Served her right!

Let's just keep looking.

Cause you just never know when a picnic opportunity will pop up:

This one is sick but it did make me laugh.
(Some people don't get my sense of humor.)

Now here are some REALLY BAD ideas: 
  • Putting guns in schools
  • Arming teachers
  • Turning school buildings into medium security prison compounds
  • Selling guns to children
  • Having guns and ammunition where a motivated student can ferret them out
  • Focusing safety measures on schools and ignoring the fact that a school is a part of a larger community.  Until our communities are safe places for all, children will not be safe.
  • Letting the NRA dictate our national agenda

Yes, absolutely, we need to protect our school children.  But for any solution we need to be asking, "What can go wrong?" And this is the third incident I have heard about in the last two days:

Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in Calif. classroom, injuring student (The Washington Post)


  1. Oh these are good.
    Well, let me rephrase that - these are bad!

  2. That gun thing is very complicated, I will say that I think doing nothing is not a very good solution. I think the best ideas will come locally as all communities are a little different.

    Goals: keep guns out of the hands of irresponsible people.
    Provide some security to discourage nut jobs.
    Recognize problem individuals and get them help.

    Solution: I have not idea...Encouraging conversation and considering ideas is a start.

  3. Oh this is rich, not only was he a teacher, he is a reserve police officer. So he should be well "trained" far more so than these looney plans that Trump has for arming teachers. According to the student that was injured (from either falling debris or bullet fragments) father, the teacher pointed the gun at the ceiling and pulled the trigger to check that it was unloaded.

    Duh, I guess it was loaded. Who in the hell does that?

    Oh yeah, this is why we should have armed teachers. That and just in case of a bear attack.

  4. What you said. Exactly. Only you said it much nicer than I ever would.

  5. This is a great post! Thank you!

  6. Owning a gun solves nothing. The minute you hurt or kill someone with a gun, you will be in trouble. You will be arrested and will have to defend yourself in court.

  7. I don't agree with you on all of these points. But I applaud you for sharing your opinion. I value the opinion of others regardless of whether we agree or not. I think it can make our world a better place if we take the time to rationally voice our opinions and thoughtfully listen to each other. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are fun photos.
    The march today is amazing.

  9. I pretty much agree with all your 'bad ideas'. I can't imagine how arming teachers would be smart, but I'm not against possible having an armed security guard active at a school or ?. And I'm not against guns in general (although I'm not interested in carrying one myself), but do believe the laws must be stricter before handing them out. And lastly we must seriously ask ourselves how we have gotten to this point...


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