Saturday, December 9, 2017

Winter Pros and Cons

There are some good things about winter, even I will have to admit.

  • A bowl of warm soup is good thing.  Personally, I would eat soup in any season, but there are those who think it is only for cold weather and they look at you funny if you serve them a steamy mug of squash soup on a hot day.
  • Holiday decorations, especially lights, add a festive touch on dark nights.  I do not go all out with the decorations myself but I do like to take a ride around town and see the places that do.
  • Some days are so bad I am forced to stay in no matter what I think needs my attention in the outside world.  I can just be appreciative that I have warm shelter and some soup on the stove.
  • Baking.  Again, not something I do a lot of myself -- but how very nice to be thought of by those who do.  When I do feel the urge to bake, there is the fragrance and the warmth from the oven.
  • Flannel sheets on the bed -- especially now that I have a sweet gentleman friend who sometimes slips between those sheets with me.

On the other hand:
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  • It's dark all the time (well, most of the time)
  • It's cold and often slippery.
  • Wind chill winds.
  • Winter clothes -- heavy socks, long underwear, thick sweaters, jackets and coats, gloves or mittens, hats and scarves.  Boots. Who enjoys being so weighted down? These things are bulky and itchy and they constantly get in the way.
  • Christmas music, which started playing on one local radio station on the first of NOVEMBER.  Christmas music played on Christmas Eve is quite enough as far as I am concerned.
  • Crowded stores and long lines of traffic on the streets and all the associated crankiness.
  • Discussions about "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays."
  • Flu shots.  Or the flu.
  • Slush and wet feet.
  • Slush and slush covered cars, inside and out.
  • Static electricity.
  • Missing loved ones no longer with us.

Perhaps you can see which way the scales are tipped for me.


  1. I love the Winter for all the reasons you give, especially the flannel sheets, but the season is way too long, it should be about six weeks and then go straight to spring. The one good thing you missed is Winter makes Spring so much nicer.

  2. Interesting list. To the minus side, I would add shoveling snow, driving in snow, cleaning snow off the windshield.

  3. May you have a peaceful and joyous holiday season with or without music and fattening baked goodies. As we age I think the season brings conflicting memories because we are less busy and have time to think.

  4. The weather was so bad today (4 inches of snow) that I stayed in and got some work done. Maybe that's good; but then why do I feel so bad?!?

  5. Some of the things on your bad list are on my good list, but mostly what I don't like is cold rain. Other than that, I'm Ok. I do like our four seasons.
    And I caught that reveal about the gentleman friend. :-)

  6. Great lists. Like Linda though, some of my choices would switch lists. I love winter clothes and growing up, we only got soup when sick so soup makes me think I should be sick:(
    You keep hinting about the new romance in your life. Think it is time to fill us in with a few details:))

  7. Nice to have fun with a boyfriend. Enjoy your time together.

  8. Awesome lists. I love the cold weather but not too cold, since we live in S FL we are enjoying a small cold spell.

    BTW happy to hear about the new gentleman friend, please post details when you are comfortable doing so !

  9. The older I get, the less I appreciate winter. It feels soooo much colder and so much longer.

    Great lists and a neat way to work in the new friend!


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