Sunday, November 5, 2017

Vacation is Over.

The "Snow Birds" are definitely drifting back to Florida homes.  There are noticeably more people in the stores and the restaurants and the streets.

I will be heading back north soon,  I considered my trip a working vacation.  I had a lot of little projects to get done, but I had a lot of fun things to do as well.  Yesterday there was an art fair downtown.

The main street was closed so artisans could set up shop.

Someone got tired of the family silver and decided to make clocks.

There were lots of colorful offerings.

Paintings and photography, of course.

I just like this plant by one booth.

I doubt that these mailboxes would pass muster with the HOA.
The park was pretty quiet.  I sat here awhile and enjoyed the warmth and a bit of shade on a sunny day.

It doesn't seem much like fall,

but if you go in any of the stores they are all pretty much decked out for Christmas already.

Where does the time go?


  1. Love those mailboxes! Florida does fall about as well as southern California!

  2. It's snowing here again in Seattle. Lots of real snow birds at the feeder. :-)

  3. True, not much like fall, but I like it anyway.

  4. One of those mailboxes would last about one weekend around here before a bunch of rowdy kids beat it down with a ball bat.

  5. Love those mail boxes but like Annie, doubt they would survive roaming teens. You are right about the invasion of snow birds. My brother is heading to sunny Fl in two weeks.

  6. Olga, so you go north in winter? Isn't that the opposite of all others? You silly woman. :-)

  7. I assume your VT fall will be over when you go back. It’s snowing here today, but our ground is still showing. We need a big storm. I love the mailboxes!

  8. Beautiful mailboxes. As for November, it is definitely cooler here in Hawaii, but we still turn on the a/c because of the humidity.


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