Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I will not be anywhere near Washington, D.C. on Friday, but if I was I wouldn't attend the inauguration of our next President.  Nor will I be watching it on TV.  I am making Friday a media free day entirely.

It's not that I don't accept the election results or that I am hoping that he fails.  That would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.  Republicans of the Congress and Senate have been doing that for the past eight years and it has not been  pretty.

KARMA, Baby. Sweet Karma!

I will not be watching out of sadness that my vote counted for nothing.  I won't even pretend to grasp all the nuances of the Electoral College system.  I know I have not been able to successfully explain it to foreign friends.  I do know that, once again, my vote was in the majority but yet somehow I lost.

After the inauguration, I will use whatever is in me to stand up for all people in this country to have access to adequate health care,: for people to have food to eat (without demanding that everyone become a sensible consumer of only organic produce and only Vermont maple syrup -- so, see, I am not unreasonable); for people  to be safe when they go to school or work or out to have a good time no matter who they pray to, who the love. or who they vote for or where they live; for people to have clean water that won't make them sick or give them rashes no matter where they live.

That's not so awful, is it?


  1. I so agree with what you stated..I am so disgusted with the biggest divide our country has ever ever known and it will be worse for women than men!Grrrrr! This man who was elected is so smug and horrible just to hear him on tv makes my tummy revolt..I met Bernie Sanders he stood out in the rain and greeted to people and then gave a speech that made me think of the late 1960's what a man he is and Hillary I always liked her and how they stole the election from this woman who vilified and hated and just plain slapped in the face it beyond my thinking plus now we know her campaign was hacked to boot! She did not have much of chance yet Trump kept up his b.s. and haranguing of her oh, my goodness sakes..I will just keep helping as I do on Friday totally ignoring the whole shebang and praying for our country & for people who need food, shelter and jobs like have been for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also am not going to watch TV on Friday. A sad day...But on another note, only Vermont maple syrup allowed in my house!

  3. I will be with like minded friends for our usual Friday breakfast at 9:00 on Friday morning. There is a TV right next to our cafe table. I will want it on, and some of us will not. I think I will watch and others will just talk over it.
    The reason I want to watch is so that I can have my own first hand impression of what takes place. I don't want it filtered through any news media. I will not be watching all the rest of the hoopla, just the swearing in, hopefully a glimpse of Hillary, and Trump's speech.
    And then I may go into hiding for a week or two.

  4. I did not know Hillary is giving a speech. I have read enough about NPD to know how smart she and Obama are in handling this when they could just run screaming from the scene. I think we will be distracted by all the global issues and wars in the coming year(s) and forget to keep our eye on the ball...this nation.

    1. I have considered that as well. I am also now wondering about noises from China. I am wondering if Putin is kissing up and puffing up to manipulate his puppet into stirring up some distractions on the world stage so that Putin can gain. I certainly don't trust him.

  5. Regardless, it is history in the making. I won't watch because I haven't watched any of this falderal. Hope is the key. Hope for the still greatest nation on earth.

  6. I will keep my usual schedule - no TV - and march on Saturday in Tucson.

  7. I will leave home for the day, do a little shopping in a far off town and maybe take in a movie. I have been tortured enough with his daily image and rhetoric on the news. Lets get this over with and hopefully he won't be as bad as we think or as radical as his supporters think. And lets keep our congressmen and women on speed dial.

  8. I live in the DC Metro area. We are avoiding the city at all costs. We will not watch this nightmare unfold. It will be raining on his parade and I told my husband that was heaven's tears. (Disgraceful human that he is.) In my lifetime I have never ever felt this much disgust, dislike or fear over a newly elected official. I want to have hope he will do the right thing, but he never has before so I fear for all of our futures. The rich will be fine, the rest of us, especially the poor uneducated who voted for him, he will hurt them the most. I just got a new book, just for this occasion. :-)

  9. I'm a libertarian- I'll watch because I like the pomp and ceremony and will HOPE for the best. Verdict is still out....

  10. I'll likely not watch - as a Canadian I have no real stake in the event, if I do watch it will be out of morbid curiousity.

    Enjoy your day, however you chose to spend it!

  11. I read an editorial yesterday recommending not to watch just to needle Mr. Reality TV with low ratings...the failed Inaugaration speech...so sad. I intended not to watch anyhow, but your post and the comments above have reinforced that decision.

    May the Mall on Saturday be a sea of pink hats, and may the Tweeter in Chief be duly annoyed.

    Excellent post Olga!

  12. So far I've had my head in the sand about Trump. But I think you're right. We must stand up for equality, liberty and prosperity.

  13. I'll watch so I see and hear everything first hand. I think there are too many instances when people only hear what's been filtered through third parties.


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