Monday, October 5, 2015

Who Knew?

I was at the market the other day and decided to get some apples.  It is apple season.  When did there get to be so many different kinds of apples? Kiku? Sansa?  I remember the choice between MacIntosh and Red Delicious and waiting for my favorite, Northern Spys, to ripen.  Now you have no idea what you are going to get.

This site has an alphabetical listing of around 600 varieties of apples.  I have to confess I really like the Honeycrisp for eating.  I have not tried them for baking.

I like to stop at the Middlebury Co-op when I am passing through on the way to see the grand kids.  They have a variety of apples from local growers and they have trays of samples so you can try before you buy.


I was on my way to get a haircut this afternoon and a car pulled out in front of me while I was stopped at a red light.  The sign on the side of the car advertised "Reptile Children's Parties."  That's a thing?  How much of a call can there be for repitile themed children's parties?  I mean, I am sure there is some, but to make it your business focus?  Well, I think it is kind of creepy.


The yoga instructor today started class with an explanation that fall, in auyervedic theory, is the time of the vata dosha, which makes us feel that life is too hectic, that there isn't enough time in the day.  Ha! And I was thinking it was the stress of moving.

It makes a certain amount of sense--the days are getting shorter.  After the long days of summer, it certainly feels like there is less time.  It's not even 8 p.m. as I write and it is pitch black dark. Pretty soon it will be this dark by five.  There is no ambient light in the country.  When it is dark, it feels like bed time.


I read the blog Times Goes By and one of my favorite features is the Interesting Stuff that appears on Saturdays.  In last Saturday's post, I was especially taken by the innovative use that the Russians have put to the technology of holograms. Sure, I know they are Godless Communists, but let's face it:
           U.S. -- amusement rides at Disney World

           Russia -- protecting the disabled

So I am going to choose to believe that U.S. citizens are so compliant with maintaining reserved parking spaces that we don't need to stoop to such theatrics.


  1. I like Gala and Braeburn apples. Honey Crisp are wonderful but cost twice as much.
    Interesting use of holograms.

  2. I loved Gala when we were in Australia. I make do with Fuji here because the Honey Crisp is so expensive. People in Hawaii love Envy but it's too expensive.

  3. I attended a Reptile presentation, not at a birthday party but at a library filled with children. It was fascinating and the children loved it! So I suppose the reptile folks may have to branch out and do parties as well. There are also Zoo animal parties where some of the smaller, less threatening animals come to the home for children to see and pet.
    As for the apples, we enjoy trying out the different varieties--sometimes I will just get one if it is terribly expensive and slice it very thinly to make it last a bit longer. We like the Gala and Fuji as well as Honey Crisp.
    I'm a big fan of Time Goes By. In re the Russian disabled hologram we in America could use it. Sadly too many healthy Americans continue to park in the Disabled Parking spaces. Surprisingly many of those who do are using a family members sticker--you'd think they would realize that the stickers are only for use when the disabled party is actually in the car and that by using it on their own they are denying someone who is disabled a parking space! Sorry--end of my rant for the day.

  4. I think the increased hours of darkness works on the psyche, at least mine, and I feel tired and lethargic long before I should. I am ready for spring!

  5. Interesting info about the varieties of apples. I like to buy apples that look freshly picked so I can imagine how great it is to see so many at your market.

  6. Kids love creepy, crawly, slimy things so that party planner may have a great idea. It would just take convincing the parents.
    Yep the days are shorter but they are cooler and that I'll take.

  7. I shopped for my favorite apples this week. The store was covered in apple bins. I looked for Gala apples and found everything but. I too never knew so many varieties of apples existed.

    Reptiles parties would be perfect for the Halloween season

  8. I am not sure if it is hybrids or old taste buds, but it seems to me that most of this modern beautiful fruit and vegetables are relatively tasteless compared to the fruit and veggies of yesteryear. The one that really gets me are these tennis ball sized strawberries that you find in the super market. There is a thin layer of tasty fruit surround a huge lump of tasteless white pulp. I have a theory that each strawberry has exactly one 1950's unit of flavor regardless of whether it is the size of end of your finger or a small pumpkin.

    Interesting notion on the shorter days inspiring thoughts of running out of time.

  9. That hologram idea is awesome! I love that it is making the people think!

    Now as for reptile parties -- they exist here, too but I will never go to one!


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