Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fair Day

My daughter came yesterday.  She picked up a dresser that I was not using and would definitely not want to move to the new place.  In exchange, she left her son for the weekend.  He started third grade on August 26 and was already happy for the three-day weekend and a day at the Champlain Valley Fair.

Honestly, I was so dreading this fair day.  I didn't know how busy my life was going to be these past couple of weeks and I was kind of sorry I had mentioned it at the last visit.  But I had a grand time with my grandson.  I will admit it is a great deal easier to have just one child to concentrate on.  To me the fair is chaotic and way too loud on the midway (where he likes it the best).  We did have several grandma breaks for quiet time, but we also took full advantage of the crazy rides.  He is delightful company at this age and I really enjoyed time with him.

Although I don't care for the noise, put me in a tin bucket and mash my body with centrifugal force and I am a giggling kid like you wouldn't believe.  What I didn't enjoy was people making it obvious that I am much too old for this kind of activity:

Little kids: You are going on this ride too?

Ride attendant: Are you okay cause this ride is gonna go backwards now.

Random twenty-something guy passing the line: Ma'am (seriously!?) Are you really gonna go on that ride? Squeezes my shoulder, Well, good luck to you.

Ride attendant: Young lady, are you ready for this?

I asked Dane if he thought that last one was telling me I was too old for the ride (Zero Gravity) and Dane said he thought so but the guy didn't know me.  See why I love that kid?


  1. Yeah, I had my grandkids here on Friday. The worst thing about a fair is the rides. I avoid them like the plague.

  2. Haha You had quite the experience Fair Day! I love the answer your grandson gave you. How true those words are too!
    You made awesome memories for you grandson to hold on to for all his life.
    Glad I came by today to check on you.
    I had a good day today so I actually posted. Rare for me but so glad I did.
    Stay well and keep surprising everyone that your just as young as they are.

  3. Good for you! It sounds like a good day for both of you.

    I have to agree that one child is much easier to manage than two. I quite enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew, just separately, otherwise they wear me out.

    As for the rides, I haven't been on the midway in probably 20 years and chances of it happening again are slim. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Good job Olga! In my case they would be right, too much spinning and I get nauseous.

    Dane as always saved the day with a philosophical observation.

  5. Good for you -- I don't do rides, but that existed even when I was younger. You are young at heart, so ignore all those comments!

  6. Good on you for riding with your grand. Interesting how many people were concerned about you. Think Dane nailed it though.
    Don't ya hate it when someone calls you "young lady" when they know you aren't? :))

  7. You're my hero - and you'd be my grandchildren's hero,too.

  8. You rock!!! Good for you, you made some awesome memories for that little guy!!!

  9. If you enjoy the rides, go for it! At our age who cares what others think.
    I, on the other hand, never liked the wild rides.

  10. I hate judgmental people! Glad you had a good time with your grandson.

  11. Now I love your little guy too. Good for you, Olga! You are the best kind of grandma.


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