Sunday, June 7, 2015

Puppet Shows and Teddy Bears

My librarian friend asked me to go with her to see two other librarians present a puppet show they do to introduce kids to their summer reading program.  Idea scouting...I was up and on the road with her at 7:30 on Friday morning.  The school was an hour's drive away.  Have I mentioned how much of a morning person I am not?

After the puppet show, we made a trip down to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  Did you know you can get a Bernie Bear?  Any branch of the service bear?  A Fifty Shades of Gray Bear?  Whatever, there's a bear for that.

I made a super hero costume (the cape and the mask) for a Vermont Teddy Bear that was donated by the company to the library.  This will be a drawing prize at the end of the summer reading program.  The theme for the summer program is super heroes.

I would read lots of books for a chance to win it if I was a kid.

They actually had a bear in a super hero costume, but it was about six feet tall.  We looked for a mask and a cape amongst all the outfits you can buy for a bear, but didn't find anything exactly right.  It didn't seem worth it to buy the Fifty Shades Bear just to get the fancy mask.

The brown bear in the background, by the way, is made from a mink wrap that belonged to my Aunt Stacia.  She gave it to me, but the chance that I would ever wear it were so slim to none, that I eventually had it made into a teddy bear.  The bow is made from the silk lining and have her initials embroidered on it.  I think it is a sweet reminder.

Then my friend treated me to lunch at a Vietnamese noodle place.  Yummy.  And it was the second time in one week I had been treated to a restaurant meal.  Good thing I have been good about my exercise walks.


  1. Love the teddy bear factory and their bears. Of course I am prejudiced since my son works at the company.

  2. The bears are adorable. I love the idea of making a teddy bear out of your aunt's mink wrap.

  3. What a cute bear! Well, actually both of them. You did a great job on the mask and cape. When I worked at the library the Summer Reading Program was a big part of my job and my favorite time of year. Good, good memories.

  4. I beet you never thought you would encounter so many choice in bears! I am touched by the mink bear,

  5. Sounds like a great day and week. I love that mink bear.

  6. What a great reward some lucky reader will have at the end of the summer. I think I too would have to read more than the others to get that prize. It is too cute. I can't believe they even had a Fifty Shades of Grey Bear. hahaha
    Sounds like a prefect outing and glad you were treated to a nice lunch. I too am not a morning person but I am doing it this summer to beat the Texas heat.
    Don't let my big spider keep you from Texas but you know how we Texans brag about everything is bigger here well it's not a lie when I say the spiders are. haha
    Years ago when I first moved out in the country in this old house I found one of those in my bathroom and I cried like a baby because I wanted my newer house in town where there were no creatures. Then I went several years and then it happened again this summer. Wanted to cry but did not just sprayed everything that was near it. haha
    Hope you have a wonderful week. I love hearing from you.

  7. That mink bear is precious and what a great idea. Sounds like you had a great time with your friend!

  8. That Super Hero bear is just fabulous! My granddaughter would read a ton of books to get it. I really, really love the idea of your mink bear with your aunt's initials.
    And I would really love some pho now.

  9. We have used the theme of Super Heroes for our book fairs and it so so much fun. Jenna wore a red cape and had a shield that said Super Reader! I love it and that bear is the perfect gift!


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