Monday, April 20, 2015

Scrap Projects

No one has ever accused me of being a horder, but I do have a large bin of craft materials that I can go to when there are children in need of entertainment or productive diversion.

Sometimes it is just my own inner child in need of entertainment.  Sometimes it is my own stuck self in need of productive diversion.

Looming writing deadlines and nothing on paper* yet?  Perfect time to open up that bin in the closet!  Hmm. scraps of felt...

bird with buttons


When I volunteered for my VT librarian friend, one of my tasks was to make a prototype of the crafts she had selected for the children's story times or projects for the summer reading program.  It is a habit I got into.

*by paper I mean the computer screen.


  1. Hello ! I arrived here following a link on Marilyn K's blog. I love the quote on your header; it describes me to a T, except of course that I'm not a grandma yet !!

  2. You are so creative and talented! Do you ever think about displaying/selling your work at craft fairs?

  3. When a dreaded deadline approaches, it's time to procrastinate! My grandkids would have a ball with your scraps and your expertise.

  4. Love that bird. A great use for scraps and a super wall hanging. One can never have too many coasters.

  5. What fun! I love doing projects. You're much fun, and a great gramma!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  6. That bird picture is really beautiful!

  7. Just maybe that's part of the appeal -- since these days we work on the computer, and not with paper anymore.

  8. Hmm. You just might be on to something. I will have to try writing on actual paper with a pen one of these days, see if that helps.

  9. Very creative. I still use paper, real paper, to write my journal. I also keep hand written notes. I'm trying to learn to use a bullet journal that I keep by hand. I think better with a pencil in my hand.


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