Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Florida Garden

Ahhh.  My orange scented jasmine has started to bloom.  The fragrance is so heavenly.  I love sitting outside and just sniffing it in.


The spike of aloe is all that was left after the bunnies nibbled on it over the past month.  I added some additional succulents to the pot, hoping the bunnies get the message.

Of course, I can't fault the rabbits too much.  I didn't nibble on my bougainvillea, but I sure did get carried away with the pruning saw.  I filled three barrels for the yard waste pick up last week.  I inherited the plant when we bought this place.  It is pretty, but so unruly.
It was an impenetrable sphere before.  I think all the scratches on my arms were worth it to open it up and give it a more airy look.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here for the past couple weeks.  Sometimes I wonder why I live someplace else.


  1. Bougainvillea is so beautiful but you are right, they can get completely out of control! Enjoy the scents! Our neighbor's orange tree is blooming and it is just wonderful, especially strong at dusk.

  2. Your bougainvillea looks nicely tamed. Your Florida gardening and your Maine gardening are quite the contrast.

  3. Oh the thought of flowering plants makes me totally green with envy. Appropriate, I guess, since it is St. Patrick's Day!

    Enjoy your garden, the bougainvillea looks fantastic.

  4. I'm officially jealous! We won't have blooms for a while. Love that succulent pot!

  5. Very pretty plants.

  6. Oh I hope the jasmine smells orange blossoms. I love that smell.
    You sure are brave to tackle a Bougainvillea. Hopefully it was a thorn-less variety.

    1. If by brave you mean fool-hardy...it had thorns aplenty!

  7. Pruning is an art I never mastered. When I am done there seems to be a solitary stick left. You did a nice job on it.

  8. The bougainvilleas here in Hawaii get wild very quickly too. You did a great job with the pruning. I didn't know bunnies ate aloe.


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