Thursday, November 6, 2014

Around the Corner

As in winter:

I heard a pounding noise outside the window yesterday.  When I went to investigate, the snow plowing company truck was in the driveway and some guys were putting in driveway markers.

I told them to plow the driveway this winter but refrain from putting down sand and gravel.  What a mess that was to clean up this past spring.  It it is icy, my son can use my Prius with the studded tires.  One of his jobs is to run it every so often to keep the battery charged anyway.

There is no snow yet.  Maybe the plowing company is just being prepared, or maybe they know something that I do not, but it has been cold.  I have had to bundle up for my walks.

Even the horses are dressed for the cold.

The trees are bare and the sky is gray.

Winter is around the corner.  Probably no one wants to hear about the progress on my Christmas shopping ( and wrapping) though.  So I won't mention it.


  1. I hope it doesn't get too cold here for a few more weeks! With your organizational skills, I'm sure your shopping and wrapping is completed!

  2. We still have leaves on the trees and green lawns. We are expecting a cold front next week so maybe we will finally see the changing of the season. Christmas......I just wish I had something done I can barely think about Thanksgiving right now. I envy your organization!

  3. Goodness, they plow your driveway?? We are lucky to get the main roads done here.
    Florida is looming on your horizon.

    1. We pay to have our driveway plowed. The town paves the roads and they are very conscientious about it too. Things rarely come to a stand still here because of snow.

  4. What - you are so organized you even have some presents wrapped? Could you please be my personal assistant? Our snowplower is under contract from Nov through April. So far, no work for him, but we're hoping soon. He only plows if there are 4" or more. Our ski area was supposed to open tomorrow but is delaying - too warm (daytime 50's) to even make snow.

  5. Husband's talking about cab attachments for the tractor for plowing purposes.
    And a local lawn maintenance/driveway-sidewalk clearing person told me he expects snow this weekend. He's outdoors a lot, so I believe he can smell it on the wind.
    I don't want it.

  6. If I get snowed in (which used to be rare around here) I just have to wait it out. I have the tractor and can mow with it but haven't learned to use the scraper part for snow removal. I guess I need to work on that.

  7. I am so glad I don't have to deal with snow and ice in Hawaii.

  8. We just had a bout of graupel here, didn't accumulate but it was tapping on the windows. Cold and windy as hell out. It looks like the lake effect snow machine is tuning up.

  9. I hope that cold front hasn't hit you by now. They were saying it was going to be bad. Try and stay safe and warm. You can always finish the shopping on line! OMG, you've started shopping.

  10. I love shovelling snow. For now, I do our 200m driveway myself. Hubby's back can't take it. I enjoy the activity!
    We don't give many Xmas gifts, but a lot of mine is done!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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