Thursday, July 3, 2014


My granddaughter had her 13th birthday a while ago and my birthday present to her was a shopping trip in Florida.  Well, that was fine.  She likes shopping and is definite about her sense of style--always has been, too.

However...while she is off in shopping land, I have a seven year old to entertain in the mall.  So it turned out to be an expensive shopping trip just to keep him entertained.  He was actually a trooper about it all though.

We did get in some pool time and a trip the the beach at Sharky's.

Tomorrow, I think we will have a chill out day.  I need it.  


  1. Your thirteen year old sounds like my nine-year-old-going-on thirteen-year-old granddaughter.
    Tomorrow is a holiday. You need one. Take it.

  2. Enjoy the day off. Entertaining younguns can be exhausting.
    Have a wonderful and restful 4th.

  3. They do look like they are having a blast in the water! Hope you get to relax and watch some fireworks today! Happy 4th Olga!

  4. That sounds like so much fun for you as well as your grandkids.
    Happy Fourth, Olga.
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  5. Enjoy your rest -- you deserve it!! That little guy is so cute. I'll bet he's a lot of fun, too. You're also fortunate that the teenager spends time with you!

  6. Your seven year old looks like one cool dude!

  7. Exciting, exhausting and expensive:) and worth it all.

  8. We're babysitting for a week! Gotta rest up!

  9. The swimming looks like fun with those floating toys.


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