Thursday, June 26, 2014


Today's post was inspired by GigiHawaii.

I would love to take up painting--especially watercolors.  It is not that I don't have enough to do with my time, but I admire those who can draw and paint.   Plus, I like to have art to hang on the walls.

When I retired, my special education colleagues presented me with a quilt to which everyone had contributed a special square and this painting:

Sorry about the glare!

It is a scene of Mt. Mansfield, not unlike the scene less than a quarter mile up the road from me.  It was painted by Marianne Nealy, one of my former colleagues.

I have had this original print for a long time.  I bought it at a church sale.  It was donated by the woman who did it, a member of the church and an art teacher.

These little guys--sanderlings--hang in the bathroom.  I bought the prints at an art fair in Florida and framed them myself.

I found one of these silhouettes at a flea market.  

The label on the back says:

Rainbow Silhouettes
A Series of Six
By K.W. Diefenbach
No. 792             Size 4 x 5
C&A Richards  Tallimit  Boston, Mass.

Mike found the rest of the series on e-bay and completed the set as a Christmas present one year.  A very nice gift!

Alas, here is the only kind of painting I seem to manage:
my bedroom in the preparation stage--and I am not even doing this job myself. I hired it out.  Today I am waiting for the painter and the new dryer delivery.  I hope to have an after photo for tomorrow, but the painter is already late.


  1. My Aunt used to paint murals on living room walls, perhaps, just maybe?

  2. That is a secret desire of mine also and I have never gotten beyond a sketch pad. Collecting art is a good plan B which you seem to be working on. I really liked the Silhouettes. What a neat find and thoughtful gift from Mike.

  3. I love all you art! The only art I have on the wall is Amara's and I really need to replace some of it! Can't wait to see how your room turns out!

  4. I always used to paint -- oils, acrylics, water -- and it was a fun activity. Now, I've given away a lot, and I don't paint anymore. If you're able, I say go for it!

  5. It's great to have some original art, esp. from people you actually know. (Love the scene of Mt. Mansfield.)

  6. Love the paintings, except maybe the last one. But I especially like the second and the silhouettes. That was really cool that Mike could find and complete the collection for you on Ebay. Hope the painting and dryer installation went well.

  7. Olga, thanks for the link to my blog. Much appreciated.
    I had to laugh at the reference to painting your bedroom, because I don't even do that.
    Anyway, it is always fun to look at art work done by other people. I even put up the little childish drawings my grandkids do for me.

  8. Were our guys just born thoughtful or did they teach them that in the Navy?

  9. There's a certain type of watercolor that I really like. Tried to emulate it once... but never did it justice. DH and I are going to paint our bedroom ourselves this summer - a light grey-blue.

  10. My art is also collected, not created, by me. And I hate painting walls too.
    This was a fun post.

  11. I'm not sointerestrd in painting. But I'd love to do ceramics. But I don't want to be the lady with 1000 clay bowls so I am resisting hat one.

  12. Your artwork is beautiful. I sure wish I could paint well too. I really admire those who are so artistic.


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