Monday, June 9, 2014

Good News

I will admit that I find Dr. Oz to be rather on the annoying side.  I mean does he really have to be that upbeat ALL the time?  But no one is all bad either.

And you really have to kind of fall in love with a man who brings good news about chocolate.  So, I am going to be in love with Dr. Roizen, his quieter partner on this one.

Dark chocolate acts as a beneficial pre-biotic in that its non-digestible components somehow stimulate the production of probiotics such as bifodobacterium and lactobascillus.  Maybe that sounds bad, but they are good for tummy and aid digestion.

A half ounce of 70% dark chocolate no more than once a day but at least a couple times per week is recommended.

Sadly chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream do not supply the health benefits.


  1. Fabulous! When I go back to eating a little sugar I will indulge myself in the recommended amount. One ounce. Not five!

    1. I gave up sugar but keep my chocolate habit going with Hershey's Sugar Free Special Dark. No it's not premium, it can be debated whether it is even good, but it does keep the chocolate loonies away.

      It is not 70% or low cal and if you have never tried it, do so with caution. According to the bag: "Individuals sensitive to sugar substitutes may experience a laxative effect." That's code for eating this stuff can be a real blast! My sister in law gets the trots just looking at the bag. I have never had a problem from it.

      I still have a little problem with that 1 verses 5 ounces thing, but the entire bag is only 3 ounces. It is pricey for chocolate, but a bargain compared to many sugar free things.

  2. Oh I seriously love dark chocolate!!!! Wonderful info.

  3. I'm having my evening chocolate and coffee right now. I don't think it's 70% though, but It's dark and I'll pretend it's good for me.

  4. I LOVE dark chocolate. Too bad about the chocolate ice cream, but I REALLY do love dark chocolate.

  5. Love dark chocolate and any excuse to eat it is a good excuse. As for Dr. Oz, our pastor once said "Never trust anyone who smiles all the time". (Sitting right behind him during the sermon was the associate pastor who smiled all the time. lol)

  6. Worth a try, you know, if only for the bifodobacterium and the lactobascillus.

  7. Dark chocolate thumbs up. Doctor Oz? Hmmmm. How can you have three miraculous cures that will change your life every episode? Oz has a solution to every problem known to humanity. The world should have been disease free after the first season and we should now be enjoying immortality. He strikes me as being of the same ilk as a wizard by the same name.

  8. Love dark chocolate, but I am a chocoholic, and I need much more to really satisfy my cravings! I, too, find the Oz quite annoying.

  9. Hmmm. So should I run to the store and buy dark chocolate? Tempting, very tempting!

  10. I enjoy dark chocolate in small amounts, an ounce would be about right. More than that, and the chocolate doesn't like me, bringing on a migraine every time. That's the good chocolate....darn!

    Nice to know that a little is good for me...I just need to learn moderation. :)

  11. I am addicted to Dove Darks, the little squares and one or two of them can help me to avoid eating the entire chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream on the side. And I completely agree about Dr. Oz and most of the things everyone has said! I avoid his show.


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