Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Fine Day for a Walk in the Woods

I went to the Mills Riverside Park for my walk today.

I parked the car and went across the covered bridge.

It is a lovely area.

The sky was brilliant.

The trail was covered with leaves.  I love the smell of autumn.  Damp leaves and apples.

We had heavy winds and rain the day before, but there were still pops of bright color.

Mount Mansfield looked kind of bare, though.

I can't believe how green the grass is still.

No alligators here:

I have taken this walk a number of times.  A couple of times with Mike, but usually just on my own.  Did I always wish that he was with me on those walks?
Yes, I really did.  Today was no different...except that it was.

I did go out for supper with my friend Ginnie.  I am grateful for my friends.


  1. What beautiful pictures. Thanks, Olga.

  2. Lovely photos. Very cool covered bridge. We have a number of them in Western PA and eastern Ohio...I love them.

    I honestly believe that Mike was with you on your walk today Olga, in spirit.

  3. Those photos are wonderful! It is getting quite beautiful around here and I must start remembering to carry my camera.

  4. Your photos are beautiful -- especially full screen! Sure not what I see on my walks -- the colors are so beautiful. We don't have leaves falling but we did lose 3 trees on are street last week during the Santa Ana Winds. Tipped them right over!

  5. Beautiful pictures. We always seem to miss the best of a Vermont fall when we visit my son - either too early, too late, or it was a bad leaf season. One year we will hit it just right!

  6. Your fall colors are gorgeous! I hope ours come in as nicely -- we're still a mix of some green, with some autumn. I'm sure your walk had bittersweet moments.

  7. What a lovely visit to northern climes! Thank You:-)


  8. What beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing with us. I love the covered bridge---I have never actually seen one.

  9. VT falls are the very best. Mike walks with you in your heart now. Hugs from CO.

  10. There's no autumn like autumn in Vermont ... enjoy it to the fullest!

  11. Very lovely spot! The colors are gorgeous and I love the covered bridge. There is nothing like that here in Saskatchewan.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love walks in your part of the country, especially this time of year.

  13. So lovely. It rained here today. We really needed it, but I think it will get warm again soon.

  14. Marvellous photographs - what an amazingly beautiful part of the country you live in. I feel inspired now to post some of where I live near to Table Mountain. Well done on keeping so busy and for being a writer. It must actually be hell without Mike. I feel for you so much.

  15. Oh, so beautiful! And that wonderful blue sky! Our blue sky days are rare now.

  16. Olga honey I feel like a horrible friend to you right now. I just now read where you lost Mike in August. I can not begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss of your soul mate.
    I tried to leave you comment on the post but it would not let me.
    My heart and prayers are with you and I please forgive me for not coming by earlier. I have been a bad blogger for months now.
    Your pictures on your walk are amazing. All my life I have wanted to visit Vermont during this time of the year.
    Take care honey and sending you much love

  17. Your walk was lovely, just beautiful. I'm sure you really, really miss Mike. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm glad you have friends nearby that are there for dinner and other times when you just want a companion. Hugs.

  18. Good for you for getting out. You can't beat those October colours!


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