Sunday, May 19, 2013


I picked up the grand children on Friday and delivered them back to their mother on Sunday afternoon.  In the mean time, or at the same time, I am wrapping up a major project with a deadline of Monday. 

What ever was I thinking?  My organizing an event brain has not been used that much lately.  I may be in over my head.  Well, in a few days, I will have something to write about.


  1. What ever were you thinking? That's how I feel when I have my life and I also have my grandchildren.

    1. Oh my goodness, a sleep-over as well. You must have been exhausted.

  2. Well, whatever it is or was, I wish you good luck! Lol.

  3. I am impressed you could do two things at once, especially when one of them was entertaining young uns. That can be all consuming.
    Hang in there.

  4. Love having my little guy, but I, too, really can't do too much else when he's here.

  5. Yikes, that sounds exhausting. No grandkids here, nor will there be, at least until the two adult children actually leave home for good!

    Hope your event planning goes well!

  6. I am bad at organizing events. I like to do just do my little projects. Once it comes to delegating, etc. I am a disaster.

  7. You can do it! It is like riding a bike, it will all come back to you! Hopefully, before the event! Good Luck!


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