Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sewing

The past two Sundays have been iffy weather-wise, and with Mike not being up for adventure because of foot pain or the medication for foot pain, I have had to amuse myself.  If it is going to be rainy, out comes the sewing machine.

 I put together another quilt top.  The top is the easy part, especially since this material has all those blocks built in so I cut big pieces. 

Even here in FL, I am building up scrap piles of fabric.  I made a couple of fabric bins to organize a closet.

I did not bring too much of my card making/paper crafting supplies with me, but I was inspired by a project on The Paper Boutique to make this lap book out of file folders and patterned papers.  I plan to use it for my medical insurance and prescriptions and all kinds of relevant personal information that I like to have in one spot.  

It folds up.  I still have to come up with some kind of closure.
At least I am never bored.  I may be boring, but never bored.


  1. Ah, not boring at all. Just make me wish I had a good indoor activity like you do. I am always reduced to cleaning during iffy weather and that just isn't right.

  2. Olga, it's great to keep busy. If I'm not writing, sketching, or reading, I'm probably crocheting or knitting. This afternoon I'm working on a heavy crochet slouchy hat for Alaska. I *love* quilts and tried to make one myself about 2 years ago. It's all put together except for the final quilting and I can't get myself to get back to it...

  3. I like your lap book. Such a clever and smart idea.

  4. Love, love, love your projects! You really are very talented!!


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