Monday, March 25, 2013

Signs along the way

This is a community near where we live.  It is a gated golf community that covers acres and acres of land.
I am not a golfer, but there are some in my family who would consider this paradise--to walk out he back door and be on the links.

I noticed some signs as I took my walk today part way around the perimeter of that place.
Yep, plenty of those around.

And, yes, some sand hill cranes nearby.

The wild life was not interested in crossing the road today.
 An egret and a heron were having a fine feast in the creeks that had filled up in yesterday's rain.  They were not planning to move away any time soon.
And of course, these guys were just feeling too lazy, hanging out in the sun, to bother with crossing the road.

While I was walking, I did see one man playing a golf ball off the sidewalk.  Better that then hitting into one of the water traps.


  1. Wow - I think I'd be afraid to take a picture of the ...hmmm are they alligators or crocodiles? How does one tell.

    Living on a golf course might have its benefits with the scenery, but putting up with golfers and their errant golf balls would be too much.

  2. Those water traps look quite hazardous!

  3. Those are pretty serious water traps. You certainly had a great wildlife tour. My favorite big bird is the Sandhill.
    I once played golf with some wild hogs at the University of South Florida. One of the fun things about Florida.

  4. Hoo boy! Alligators? Yikes!


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