Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Hair Secrets

Health magazine for June has an article about 50 secrets to fabulous and funtastic summer hair. By far my favorite for a laugh:

Wrap sections of your damp hair in cotton tube socks and tie the ends of
each sock together. Go to bed for the night. Socks are more comfortable than
rollers, you see. (Does anyone really do that? Sleep in rollers, I mean?) Then
in the morning take out the socks, fluff your hands through your hair and enjoy
the waves.

My hair is already wavy so I don't think that I'll try this. Because my hair is wavy, I naturally yearn to wake up with perfectly straight hair. Also no one in the house has tube socks. It would not be worth the trip to K-Mart or where ever it is one goes to purchase tube socks. This little beauty secret would pretty much hatchet any chance of getting lucky that night and I still think it would be hard to sleep with knotted socks all over your head so you might want to be occupying your time somehow. And really, if I ever did try this, that would be the night the furnace blows up or the chimney catches fire. I'd have to run out of the house and wait for the volunteer fire department on the front lawn while curious neighbors wonder why I'm wearing socks on my head. Nope, I skip this one.

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