Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eureka! A New Tent

When spring is lovely in Vermont, it is just wonderfully lovely. Since three such days were being predicted for Thursday through Saturday of this week, we took the opportunity to try out our new Eureka! tent. New to us anyway. Mike bought it last fall on e-Bay. This has a screen front room which we had wanted after spending a few miserable trips huddled in our old, much smaller tent either because it was pouring rain or the bugs were unbearable last summer.

We camp in the wilderness--primitive style camping. The new tent was very comfortable. There aren't so many bugs at this time of year but it was unusually warm for May so we appreciated the screened area for respite from the sun. We ate well. I had fixed two cold lunches--shrimp cocktail, cheese, crackers, olives, and wine for one day and cold chicken and salad (and more wine) for the next. Mike cooks over the fire at night and brews the coffee over a small fire in the mornings. We relaxed and read. And there's nothing like the kind of sleep you fall into out in the mountain air. And then, as had not been predicted (but we were camping after all), it started to rain on Saturday morning so we packed up and came home.

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