Sunday, May 24, 2009

Animal Rights

A woman in New Jersey is being prosecuted for animal cruelty. She is the owner of a business called Critter Ridder, hired to get rid of a pesky squirrel. Oddly enough, the squirrel died in a trap on the roof of a building. She was charged with animal cruelty, including failure to provide adequate food. Nothing against squirrels--they're fun to watch--but if I had one living in or around my attic, I would try to get rid of it I guess. I've heard they can become quite pest like. On the other hand, I would hope this could be dispatched humanely, maybe through a relocation program. Although if you really stop to think about it, sending your average city dwelling squirrel out to fend for itself in the woods amidst the owls and foxes that might want to eat it has its cruel side as well. Still, who knew you had to offer that last meal.

At the same time, officials in Alaska plan to prosecute a man for actually feeding bears. Apparently he is quite friendly with the neighborhood bear population and has even been seen scratching a bear tummy. Sure some bears can be dangerous, but here is a clan that seems willing to work on a peace initiative with humans and they've found a man with enough courage to sit down with their tribunal and hash out some kind of deal. i say more power to them all.

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