Monday, February 16, 2009

Satin Sheets

Our Florida rental came with a set of satin sheets. Now sheets are a wonderful thing in life. I happen to like to snuggle into smooth, soft, clean sheets. New cotton, high quality, sheets are wonderful, but those sheets washed and washed to a silky smoothness--ahh. Maybe I still miss my silk baby blanket. But I’m getting off the point, which is those satin sheets.
I went to and asked, “Why satin sheets?” In reply, I found Ann’s Satin Sheet Guide, http://ann', to wit:

What is so great about Satin Sheets?
It's the Look and Feel
For most people, satin sheets are great for two reasons:
Smoothness comes from the small size and tight weaving of the fibers. The tighter the weave, the smoother the surface - often described using a term called "thread-count." In order to pack so many threads in a small space, the threads must be very thin. Imagine how rough a sheet made of button thread would be! Man-made fibers like polyester, nylon, and acetate can be made very fine, which makes them perfect for high-thread-count fabrics.
Shininess comes from the type of thread. Very few natural fibers are shiny; so usually you must use a man-made fiber like polyester, nylon, or acetate to get a shiny surface. In fact, you've probably seen sheets described as "Sateen." These are usually cotton sheets with very high thread counts (over 300 per inch) that feel as smooth as normal satin sheets, but since they are made of cotton, they are not shiny. So they really aren't satin as the world typically views it.

But, of course, smooth and shiny have to be code for “SEXY.” I assume all the advertising references to “bridal quality” satin sheets are meant to evoke tingly anticipation of one’s honeymoon--or in my case, found memories thereof.
I have to mention that the usual sheets at this house are a cotton-modal blend, which do have a smooth feel but my husband finds these “too slippery.” Sexy is not a word he was likely to apply to satin sheets. A satin sheeted bed,--just not a bed he is going to climb into. Open to new experiences?--not that much. We don’t mind having our own beds, though, so I decided to try out those satin sheets myself.
Into the second bedroom I march armed with satin sheets and the determination to remain (in my 60’s and beyond) willing, even eager, to try new and different things. The fitted bottom sheet smoothed right over the mattress. I’m thinking I’ll wake up with unmussed hair. I remember seeing an ad for satin pillow cases making that a feature. I’m thinking I’ll sleep the sleep of child clutching her treasured silky (my many sleep problems being the reason we often end up in separate beds). I snap open the top sheet and glide it effortlessly over the bed. It slid, just as effortlessly, right off the bed to the floor--the entire sheet--to the floor. Okay, obviously a bit too much snap. One has to go gentle with satin sheets, slide it the top carefully up and -- whoops. Okay, maybe start from the head and work to the foot of the bed -- whoops -- but almost! Okay, third time is the charm. Next, the comforter -- acck -- slides to the floor and the top sheet crumbles half way down the bed. Okay, okay, okay, even three attempts isn’t doing it this time. “Mike, can you come hold the sheets down while I finish making the bed??” Turns out is possible to make up a bed with satin sheets, but it takes two people at a minimum. Four people would have certainly been better, but why bother the neighbors for something like that.
Bed time comes. I slip into the bed and the satin is cool and soft on my skin. It feels kind of good, kind of sexy. I wiggle then stretch luxuriously. Fortunately, it’s a warm night. The comforter slides to the floor. The top sheets does stay tucked under my chin, but the pillows skid across the mattress slowly--just like the racing rocks in Death Valley. I wake up with a case of bedhead and high humidity ,Florida hair.
I strip the bed, wash the satin sheets, and put them away--neatly folded of course, but that being a whole story in itself. New experiences keep you young. When the grand kids come, I’ll pull the mattress to the floor, cover it with satin sheets, dress them in satin pajamas, surround the room with every pillow in the house, and let them play pretend waterslide.

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  1. I am so glad I came and read this! I agree completely -- I hate satin sheets and I hate satin PJs, too! Same problem, you slide out of bed!


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