Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Bonnet

Some one at the Unitarian-Universalist Church that I attend in Florida had the idea that everyone should wear an Easter hat on Sunday.

Well some (I won't mention names) plunked a baseball cap or a beach hat on their heads and called it done.
So not in the proper spirit of things.

Get those hot glue guns heating up!

There were lots of straw hats festooned with flowers.
I wanted to be different so I made my hat with feathers and a little blue bird.

And there was a flower communion.  I contributed a bunch, but I kept one stem for myself because I know the rabbit wanted me to have a lily.

I talked to my sister in Vermont.  It was snowing on their Easter brunch.


  1. With fears of losing my membership in the man's club, regarding the bonnet, no comment.

    The flower communion, very cool.

  2. What a fun idea, the Easter bonnets. Good job on yours!
    A flower communion - great idea- but how does it work?

    1. People brought a flower or a bunch and put them in baskets. Later in the service, the children came in and carried the baskets around so everyone could take a flower as music played in the background. It was quite sweet.

  3. Good idea. We could stand to dress up a little, rather than dress down, as we have become used to. Maybe starting with Easter bonnets will remind us that we used to dress a little better.

  4. Thank goodness for those independents like you!

  5. What a beautiful hat sitting on beautiful hair.

  6. Love the hat and the flowers!

  7. How clever you are! It looks like those little whimsies called Fascinators that are all the rage at weddings. I used to love wearing hats; now I don't even own one!

  8. I love your Easter bonnet! I really wish hats would make a come back.

  9. Very creative hat! It must have been a very colorful morning with the hats and flowers.

    I'm sure your sister was disappointed with the snow on Easter. We had none on Sunday but got it last night and today. It's now melting away quickly but I hope there is no more in the forecast!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my post.
    I do think your bonnet was quite cool and I bet it was a coversation piece.
    The going to church idea has left us some time ago but with do stop to give thanks in our own way.


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