Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Can it be?  Here again?  The Super Bowl -- the Steelers, the Packers -- makes no difference to me.  I have my knitting project and I have plenty to read.  Mike will have the television on, but not tuned to football at all.  He will just be interested to watch the commercials on line tomorrow. 
We didn't even go to the grocery store for beer and lots of salty, orange snack foods.  We have not called for a pizza delivery.  Gee, we sound totally un-American. 
Maybe we should turn out all the lights and go to bed early.  Let the neighbors think we are out at a Super Bowl party rather than letting them get a glimpse of PBS flashing through the front window.
Well, if forced to pick a team, I'd go with the Steelers since I was born in Pennsylvania and I am trying for that vegetarian-inclined lifestyle.


  1. Years ago I learned from Husband to refer to the whole rigmarole as the Stupid Bowl.
    There are some people with whom I would not dare share that information.

  2. The New Yorker Magazine had a major article on the tremendous short term and more significant long term injuries of the brain that occur as the result of this popular contact sport.

  3. I went to bed at 7:30 after watching the first half of the first quarter. I am sad that I missed most of the commercials but will catch up with them today.

  4. I watched it all even though my team, the Dolphins, haven't been to one in decades.
    Thought the game good, the commercials ho hum.


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