Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Saturday

It's a busy day.  Mike has gone on an outing with one of the neighbors.  I stayed home because we are expecting the cable company to show up and hook up a second television so I am hanging around for that and getting the housework and laundry done.

I the mean time, the our landlord's landscape company has shown up to do some work--reworking the garden island in front, expanding the patio in the back, building a walkway along the side of the house, and putting in several new plantings.  Big job, but it will spiff things up considerably.

I spied this in a downtown shop window and just had to go in and purchase it--another gadget to help in my quest for better hydration.  Speaking of which, some one recently mentioned coconut water as a good source of potassium and then I read an article about it in the Huffington Post.  A bottle costs about $2.50 in the health food stores.  I picked some up in the Latin section of the grocery for 99 cents a can.  For that, I will give it a try.  If nothing else, I can always throw it into a fruit smoothie. I do use quite a bit of coconut milk in cooking so I should check on the potassium level of that.

Collapsing water bottle
I just read an article about nutrition changes to make to avoid having more medication for high blood pressure...and it was all stuff that I do so I guess the medication changes will be inevitable when I get back to my doctor for the next check.

The start of a project


  1. As a runner, I'd love to have one of those collapsing bottles. Very cool.

  2. When I clicked on the picture to enlarge it to read the print, it said that was an unsafe site for my computer so I got out in a hurry.
    Dr. Oz loves coconut water.

  3. Olga, does it bother you to have work done around your vacation home? I think it would drive me crazy.

  4. Oh, dear. The cheap coconut water has sugar in it. Probably Dr. Oz would not approve of that, so I guess it is off to the health food store.
    Well, sorry about that, Patti. I took that picture and did not have any dire warning when I clicked to enlarge it.
    Marcia, I didn't mind having the landscapers here because I am glad the homeowners are making the improvements. We plan on being back here. And, I guess I don't really consider myself on vacation--just having my winter lifestyle.


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