Friday, January 21, 2011


I read recently that the expensive walking shoes actually are hard on the knees.  This gave a slight bit of vindication.  I do have walking shoes that I wear out on a regular basis.  I have always hated spending the money for somethng that just does not last very long.
Part of the problem, perhaps, is the shape of my feet.  With narrow heels and wide forefoot (Hm, sound duck-like), something is always rubbing or pinching.  Holes wear into the shoes OR (worse) into my feet.  In either case, out those shoes have to go.
However, a couple of years ago, I bought these Speedo brand flip flops.  They are by far the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet except warm, cozy socks.  And I can wear them while walking, even a brisk exercise walk, if the weather permits bare toes.  They cling to my feet--no rubbing, no pinching.  There is enough cushion on the bottom and a quick swish in sudsy water and a rinse off keep them fairly clean. 
The problem is that I have worn them so consistently that they are starting to fall apart.  I can't quite bring myself to throw them out.  At least not until I find another pair that are just as comfy.
These "toner" style sandals are not too bad, but they do take an adjustment.  I get a pain running up the nerves in my right foot when I first wear them after a long break.  They do have the high set strap that I like, but I do have to say that they have not reshaped the butt in quite the way the ads on TV would have you believe.  True, the ads on TV feature twenty-somethings. 
Aging is all about adjusting expectations.


  1. Oh my, shoes, my life's tale of woe. I don't have a choice but to wear expensive shoes. Size 12 AAAA does not come in cheaper shoes. I hate it when it's shoe shopping time. Good luck in finding your next pair of much loved shoes.

  2. I'm always looking for the perfect pair of shoes. I am jealous that you are wearing sandals and calling them shoes. We are in boots and worm socks here. I hope you can adjust to you new "shoes."

  3. I have tried to wear flip flops like those, but the leather strap between my toes drives me crazy.

  4. I'm at an age and level of disrepair that comfortable shoes are something I won't do without. The problem is that it takes years for them to become comfortable enough for me. The young girls I work with are always saying they are going to take me shoe shopping. They'd have to hogtie me first.

  5. Wish I could wear flip flops but I can't get my orthodics to stay in. Maybe velcro??
    Enjoy now for when the feet go, glamour also goes.

  6. L--My maternal grandmother had long, narrow feet (which I did not inherit) and shoe shopping with her was hell--except that she would sometimes buy me a totally inappropriate pair of shoes that my mother would never have.
    RET--Ah, the eternal quest--perfect shoes!
    b--yeah, it takes a bit of getting used to.
    mm--comfortable, yes; old, not so much for me. Although I must say there are many shoes that I still mourn for their passing.
    AK--believe me, I am grateful for feet that give me very little pain and aggravation for as long as it lasts. But glamour? HA! Did you not see the pictures?

  7. I love the last line of this post. How true. I have very narrow feet and I cannot stand the thing between the toes. Like so many I like to hang on to comfort of a shoe that fits as long as possible. No vanity in that right??

  8. Flip Flops in the middle of January?

    They look comfortable and if you say they are I'll gladly believe you.
    But if I wore them now outdoors my feet would fall off with the great clatter of two frozen lumps.


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