Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Walk

We did the tourist thing the other day and drove some distance, yet these are pictures I snapped on my walk today. It was cool--although putting on my winter jacket may have been a bit of an over reaction.  It was sunny with fluffy white clouds -- a picture book illustration sky.

I think that I have now canned the last of the tomatoes.  We had cheese and mushroom stuffed pasta shells for supper last night with no tomato sauce.  I was cleaning out my fridge -- assorted odds and ends of cheeses, a handful of mushrooms that didn't get used the other day.  Add a fresh baguette, a green salad, and a glass of red wine and we had ourselves a feast.

That is really the problem with fall.  You start wanting rich and substantial meals from the oven.  That and the local fall produce--apples, pumpkins, squash--lend themselves way too easily to dessert applications. 


  1. Look out, I may be knocking on your door. Those pictures make me want to hop a plane for Vermont.

  2. How exquisite those trees are. We just have nothing comparable here in SoCal!

  3. Oh my, you have so out done us in the color dept. Sure hope we follow suit.
    It is sad how when we become the least active in winter, the desire for fattening foods increases. Guess that is from when we had to worry about keeping warm in our caves.

  4. I love autumn's colours!!!! Wonderful pictures!

  5. Olga, what gorgeous pictures and dinner sounded wonderful.

  6. I always want to move away from California when I see your beautiful scenery.


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