Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lunch and Shopping

I ventured out today to pick up the wreaths and swags that had been blown over the yard yesterday. About a third of our neighbor's willow tree is scattered over our yard as well. It's kind of a mess, but at least we had power yesterday.

Then I took off to finish up some Christmas shopping. I'm pretty much done shopping and now need to get wrapping. I didn't have much money to spend this year so fancy wrapping is out--not very green, anyway.

In the midst of my shopping, I stopped and had lunch with my son after picking him up at his work. We went to a favorite place of ours--The Four Corners of the Earth Cafe. They have delicious sandwiches with a worldly cachet and the decor is captivating. I had the Russian salmon and Kevin, who is working his way through the entire menu so tries something different each time, had Danish egg.

I had a couple of things to pick up at Macy's. When I went into the mall from the parking garage, there was a young guy standing in front of a kiosk flying a little remote control helicopter. That seems like a pretty good gig for a seasonal job, but I guess it could be a lot of standing on your feet. The helicopter was cute, but not on my list.

It was good to get out of the house even though we were really only shut in for one day.

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  1. So glad your storm left you with power. A lot of people weren't so lucky. How awful.
    That helicopter sounds neat. Wish I had a young'un old enough for one.


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