Friday, September 11, 2009

Preserving the Harvest

The yellow concoction in this jar is the yellow zest of a dozen lemons and about a liter and a half of vodka. In a week or so it will be made into limoncello per the recipe in my Coastal Living Cookbook--which has beautiful pictures and many wonderful seafood recipes.
Today I harvested all the basil still left in the garden and ended up with maybe a cup of basil pesto. I love it on pasta, on chicken, on pizza, and on salmon sandwiches. Mm...hungry.
I froze a mess of parsley pesto that I made with pecans. Still, parsley keeps growing and growing in the garden. Honestly, I've used it in floral arrangements, as a plate garnish, in herbal butters, but I just can't use it up. Have to say, though, I'm thankful something grew. The green bean and tomato harvests were pretty sad.
What was excellent, though late this year, was the corn crop down at the Conant's Farm ( They have the best sweet corn--absolutely THE best. Mike's birthday (9/9) dinner this year was king crab legs and sweet corn from Conant's Farm. Buttery good. Birthday celebrations negate any cholesterol concerns, right? We get to have leftovers tonight. poor us.
So, unfortunately for my mandated/doctor prescribed diet, most of the preservation of the summer harvest is through calorie consumption and conversion to fat. Scout's honor, though, I've really bumped up the exercise.

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