Saturday, October 5, 2019

What's a Week End?

I attended the stage play Pride and Prejudice last night with two friends. As you no doubt know it is a good story and there were some modern twists in the play that did not distract in the least.


We had a frost last night but the day was sunny and gorgeous -- not warm but beautiful nonetheless. Unfortunately, I spent part of the day attending a funeral of a teacher and former colleague. The fact that he was only 57 years old made it very sad. He was obviously well loved and obviously lived his life with gusto. It was a beautiful service, quite a tribute to the man. Still, sad.

My good friend who fell and shattered her hip seems much improved. She is doing occupational and physical therapy and appears much stronger. I watched her walk using the bars and she is able to transfer herself into bed. I do keep reminding myself not to break a hip though. It is just a horrible, painful process of recovery.

One of my former students works at the rehab facility so I ran into her while on a visit to my friend. She's had the job for nine years now and has been able to buy a house. It is such a treat to run into a former student, especially one who seems to  doing well. 

You can' help but wonder what happens to people who pass through your life and spend a bit of time there before moving on.


I had lunch with my sister. She works for a guy whose father is doing my trust. The lawyer (father of her employer) could not get over how much alike my sister and I are -- same expressions, same mannerisms, same laugh, and am I as smart as she is (HA!)?  My sister and I don't see it at all although this has been mentioned by others before. 


  1. It was a beautiful day here, as well, We were busy preparing for a birthday gathering here tomorrow, but took time to visit a pumpkin patch to enjoy the scene and buy some decorative gourds. So many people out enjoying the day.
    I do fear falling now, as I am so much more unsteady now. I do try to be careful. Prevention is better than recovery.
    I enjoyed reading all of your news.

  2. Yes, we all need to be careful not to trip and fall. We marked our steps, got rid of throw rugs ... and I always hold onto a banister when I take the stairs. And you are so right ... we can't help but wonder what happens to people who pass through our lives, esp. as we get older.

  3. I agree, breaking a hip is not something anyone would want to have happen.

    Funny, how others see things in us that we don't see in ourselves.

  4. Falls so often doom us. I'm wrestling with a sore hip.
    Lovely to be remembered when we pass.

  5. Falling can be life threatening, which is why the doctor always asks me if I have fallen during the past year and how many times. As for sisters, you probably have a better relationship with yours than I do.

  6. How neat to see a former student who is doing well and you know you had a hand in there. Must be a tiny bit like successfully raising a child. Because I have moved a lot, there are so many that I wonder how they have turned out.
    And yes, I watch my step carefully. I have taken a few nose plants.

  7. My two sisters and I have certain characteristics of my Mother. We have had people say we make a face or do a jester just like her.

  8. I would have loved to see the play. It was my favorite book for a long time. I wish I had a sister. My brother and I are total opposites.

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I appreciate readers' comments so much. You don't even always have to agree with me.