Monday, January 7, 2019

Pop Up Ads

I am not categorically opposed to advertising. Why else would I even be tempted to watch the Super Bowl?

It seems like an interesting business and it did bring us the series Mad Men and I enjoyed five of those seasons.

It helps pay for news and entertainment. If one is careful in consumption, ads can be somewhat informative about certain trends.

But those ads that pop up alongside something I want to read and then proceed to flash -- a tunic blouse, a red dress, and purple sweater . . .

Whose idea was that? Don't tell me because I am not sure I could stop myself from inflicting bodily harm on that genius.


  1. Hell I have got inured to the flashers on the side of the screen. Worse comes to worse just grab the window and slide it over so the ad is off the screen. The ones I love are embedded in the text and when they open what you are reading flies off the bottom of the screen, so you scroll down, the ad then closes and the text you are reading disappears off the top.

    There are publications I refuse to read, notably USA Today, because of the damn ads flying about can end up jamming up my old clunky Mac and then I have to reboot it.

  2. David has that problem on his iPad (Apple), but I don't have such a problem on my desk top PC (internet explorer).

  3. I either tune out or leave the account and try to find a less annoying source.

  4. There is ad blocker software. I have not tried that yet.

  5. I have nothing against advertising since advertising paid my salary for 30-odd years ... but never a pop up ad!

  6. Hahaha. My sentiments exactly. Even in blogs there seems to be a big ad at the bottom and big ad at the top and three lines of typed message available to read. Grrr.

  7. Everyone is trying to use ads for money. With free things, like blogging and Facebook, it's tough to complain.


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