Thursday, June 8, 2017


Oh, there is this blinding ball of light in the sky!  Whatever could it be?

I am watching the lawnmower service busy outside.  One guy with a weed whacker and another on a huge lawn tractor.  The grass was indeed very high, but the ground is so saturated I don't quite understand how that large mower is not sinking and making ruts.

In truth, I would rather be sipping my coffee and watching the rabbits cavorting on the lawn.  They are ever so much cuter and quieter.


I went with a friend to see author Howard Norman do a reading from his new book, My Darling Detective, at the bookstore in Montpelier.

The reading was intriguing enough to make me purchase the book on the spot.  It is billed on the back cover reviews as "an homage to noir."


I hope every one is enjoying Linda's garden tours.  I will show you why I am always in such awe of her photos of Washington state gardens:

Only one iris bud and one peony bud!

Baby host

Annuals in pots

do add spots of color.

My herb garden

Rhododendron put on a good display though.


Linda Reeder said...

Thanks for the mention. Gardening in Vermont is no easy task, with your weather extremes. And then you are just a part time resident. Your color spots are pretty and that's a great little herb garden.

Granny Annie said...

We have had that blinding light all week and I am so pleased because my youngest grandchild has been here and we got to play a lot.

Sally Wessely said...

Lovely plants. I too drool over the gardens that Linda visits. Like you, I few a few little plants to care for, but they bring me joy.

Anonymous said...

As linda sent an e-mail to you, your temperature zone and zones are vastly differnet than Washington state..I live in the last city before Portland Oregon what a lousey year for gardening, we have lived here for nearly 40 years, rain all the year long, even today, june 9 2017 and suppose to rain for the next 6 days, it is not cold thanks to God but rain all summer seems unkind and unnatural, one nice hot humid day and then 7 to 10 of rain and more rain, be thankful you get some sunshine in Florida we are thinking of moving back to a rural area outside Denver Colorado where they enjoy about 300 days of sunshine each and every day including the times the snow melts and the sun is out a dry dry state!

Arkansas Patti said...

I think you have out planted me. What you have looks well cared for and nourished. Mine are filing abuse charges against me.

joared said...

Very colorful collection. Kinda enjoy some of the old noir movies I didn't see when they were released so many years ago. Will be interesting to read what you think of book.

Debra said...

I love looking at other peoples flowers/gardens. It's hard work that I truly admire. For me, I currently do not have the time to keep up on the weeding and caring for such beautiful plants.

Barbara said...

I've never had Rhododendrons but they sure are colorful.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

This year Buddyband I have not planted anyything. We are in a rental house where there are no flowerbeds so I had my garden lady bring a big planter of red and whites for our Canada Day theme. It is a big year at !50 for our nation. Our climate is similar to yours, Enjoy your book.