Saturday, July 23, 2016


Make America Great Again!

You know, like it was when the country was founded on equality for all.  All property owning, white Protestant males, that is.  Do you doubt that is exactly what is meant by that slogan?

I wonder of native Americans are thumping their heads and thinking, "We shoulda built a wall!!!"



  2. It just absolutely boggles my mind how people can support Trump. I just don't get it.

  3. The Trump political reality show goes on....and on....and on.........

  4. So true! So true!!!
    This Trump thing is scaring me silly.

  5. Excellent point. I told a friend the other day I think he meant 1950 when women couldn't have their own name and charge cards, white men ruled, minorities entered in the back even if allowed to enter at all. It is all too scary to think of. I understand not caring for Ms Clinton, I really do, however at least she was qualified. This man is a facist. My friends in the UK send me videos of their parliment up in arms about this. They are fearing all kinds of horrific things over there, as am I.


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