Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Work

Yard Work

You might think it is spring time in Vermont from looking out the window.

 Rhododendron coming to bloom

Peonies thinking about blooming

In fact it is more like the dead of winter from the perspective of a Florida snowbird.  Cold and cloudy and very windy.  

Most of my neighbors have air conditioner units sprouting from their windows.  We did have unseasonable hot weather last week, but nothing that tempted me to wrestle with one of those window units.

Kitchen Work

The woman I bought the condo from had put a lot of work into the place -- new windows and large patio door, new flooring throughout, all freshly painted, updated bath and half bath, all new appliances including a gas fireplace insert (which I fired up yesterday, in June!)  I am really happy with it.

However, I did decide to treat myself to new kitchen countertops. The old laminate was worn and I know from watching HGTV house hunters that stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops go together like white and rice.

So I went to Home Depot and ordered new countertops, my birthday present to myself.  I had set aside some money from the sale of my house for new furnishings down the road, so why not?

I didn't get granite.  I got a manufactured stone with a kind of granite look to it. It's warmer and softer.  Mike used to say that glass only had to see me coming and it would break...and he wasn't wrong.  I would have to convert all glassware and dishes to plastic or be sweeping glass off the counters and floors on a daily basis.

Frankly, I really, really don't get the attraction of stainless appliances either.  They look okay if you never use them.  Load the dishwasher once, open the refrigerator a couple times, cook something on the stove -- voila! -- display finger paintings until next cleaning day.  And I am quite certain that now that I actually have the coveted stainless, HGTV home buyers will be saying, "Ex, stainless, so dated, this kitchen will have to be all redone.  We only have $750,000 in our budget.  Can we afford that?"

Anyway, they came last week and made a template, returned yesterday and did the installation.  In the between time I retained the cabinets under the sink. I think it looks pretty good now.  The plumber will come today and hook the sink back up and I will pretty much set until Kevin moves out and I will have to buy new furniture for the spare bedroom.

Falcon Plumbing, recommended by the woman I bought from, was a pleasure to deal with, not to mention prompt and efficient.  Ware-Right was the company that manufactured and installed the countertop that I wanted.  They were excellent to work with as well.  Very professional, very efficient.

Today I am going to sit back and enjoy the new look.


gigihawaii said...

Your kitchen looks better than mine. I installed Corian counters and sink when we moved into our house, but I wish now that I had installed a stainless steel sink, because Corian stains so easily.

Connie said...

Very nice. I also find granite counter tops too cold and too hard, and have managed to resist the stainless steel appliance craze. They are bound to go out of style eventually. As an aside, I like the opening over the kitchen sink into the living room, my mother's condo had that and she could keep up with conversation while cleaning up. Do you like it?

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

It looks wonderful! I know what you mean about breakables! Annabelle swept one of my favourite cat dishes onto the floor yesterday. sigh.

Olga Hebert said...

My kitchen is very small, but it meets my needs now.

Olga Hebert said...

I do like the pass through. I can see out the large back door as I work at the sink and that is sure better than looking a wall.

Olga Hebert said...

I am not to be trusted around glass or sharp objects. Really I should have domestic help even in my tiny condo.

Barb said...

I have Corian in a mottled gray/beige and I love it. It's over 20 years old but looks like new. My only stainless appliance is the dishwasher, and it doesn't get too smudged. It's fun making your new place your own.

Olga Hebert said...

It is a fun process. Since I was here for such a short time before going to Florida, I had a time remembering where things were. Accused my son of hiding all my stuff.
Now that he is in process of getting his own place, I can really concentrate of how I want to decorate and that IS fun.

Linda said...

Horrors. I just discovered your blog has not updated for 3 weeks on my blogroll. Wonder how that happened. I'll scroll back and read the ones I've missed.

I don't like stainless appliances either for the same reason and my stainless sink never looks clean.

Carole said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! So nice to be able to have visually pleasant surroundings!

Sextant said...

Great looking kitchen. I am glad you are pleased with it.

Grandma Kc said...

Your new kitchen looks amazing and I admit I am jealous. I need new counter tops so badly! Love what you did!