Monday, June 20, 2016

Educational Activity

VT State Capital Building

Guarded by a statue of Ethan Allen

My grandson visited for a week as soon as school let out for the summer.

We got to go swimming, do some painting, watch some movies, go out for lunch with my sister and my friend, Donna.  Dane likes to walk around downtown can be entertaining.

When Dane asked me to toss an empty ginger ale plastic bottle around in the back yard,  I thought maybe time to go out and buy a ball.  Then we had lots of soccer and volley ball skills practice sessions.  The kids in the neighborhood are mostly toddlers so I got to get lots of fresh air and exercise.  Dane called me his BFEV(best friend, elder version. )

Of course there was a lot of story telling.  Even though he started out saying that he was maybe getting too old for my "Adventures of Dane" stories, he willingly listened.  He has started writing his own stories, too, so I feel as though I had some good influence there!

There did have to be an educational component, so we spent some time in Montpelier.  Can't be the grand child of a former teacher without that.  We visited the State House and the Vermont History Museum next door.  I wanted to take him to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum as well, but we were both just too pooped.

Now I will take a week off and enjoy not having to answer a near content stream of questions.  In fact, I think if someone so much as asks me for the time of day, my head just might pop off.


  1. You are a good grandmother. My hat is off to you.
    I love my grandson, too.

  2. How different your grandson is from mine. Caleb is 14 and seldom says a word. We're thrilled when he speaks. We've threatened to paint his face on the back of his iPad so we know who's behind it.

    Daughter has been here this week. A female friend of hers comes with her once in a while. She hadn't been here in 2 years. I forgot how much I enjoy Susan when she visits alone. She's quiet, her friend talks non-stop from the time she opens her eyes in the morning. She's an attorney, perhaps that's why. Anyway, constant talking drives me nuts.

  3. It sounds like Dane kept you hopping. But it also sounds like he really loves spending time with you.

  4. You really are such a wonderful grandmother and I love that Dane calls you his BFEV! I have to share that one with Amara.

  5. Before my elder g'son came last time , I hadn't realised how little I knew about armour, how to make cheese , what Roman soldiers ate , how long my intestines were or just how many jellybeans you can fit in an eggcup ....
    My horizons are expanding .


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