Friday, April 29, 2016


I always assume that shiny metal looking parts are actually made of metal.

That, of course is a totally unwarranted assumption on my part.

One day a while ago I was taking a shower when the hand held shower hear went sailing to the floor of the shower stall.

Looks like a sturdy metal...but
it's plastic and had cracked enough to no longer hold the shower head.

Kay at Musings recently posted about a new shower head that looked interesting.
However, I opted for replacing the the part since it was much cheaper to go that way.  I am keeping the reference to the unit she mentions though.

The new part (from Lowe's) is plastic.  I can only assume it will have a similar fate as the one I replaced.  But for now it is holding and it doesn't leak!


  1. Good luck. I hope the new part does the trick.

  2. Plastic rules the world now. Parts to shower heads (and other things) are getting harder and harder to find. They want to sell everything as sets now.

  3. Interesting commentary on modern life!

  4. Kudos on the fix. You took the solution I would have sought. Kay's shower head is awesome but sooo expensive.

  5. Sometimes, you just need a quick fix. I'm glad you achieved that. Yes, everything is made of plastic these days.

    We have the shower head such as Kay has in every shower. It was necessary to get these when Jim had his surgeries and had to have a shower bench. They are helpful in those situations.

  6. Everything is made to be replaced these days -- nothing lasts for very long. But I am glad you got it working!

  7. There is always something, isn't there?!

  8. I've been so busy lately with all our renovation work and guests coming to stay with us or meeting us and got a chuckle from seeing this post belatedly.

    I'm glad you were able to fix that so perfectly. Our new shower head is pretty much stainless steel and expensive. It did cost about $119. I believe the price has gone up to about $135. However, Art is quite pleased with it. I hope it's the last shower head we get.


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