Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Around the House

 I have been contemplating some Florida landscaping, tricky since I am not here full time.  The front of the house gets bright sun all day and the planter is against the house so I don't want anything that will grow to high or too bushy.

I have been visiting a couple of area nurseries to get some ideas and some advice.

I have taken a bunch of pictures of some possibilities.
Apparently my camera get clicking.
I got a lot of pictures of the sky and the walkways.

Something flowering might be nice.

I really thing this stretch along the east side of the house needs some attention.

Some low growing palms and then something colorful?


Barb said...

Fun! I love new plantings. Do you have a caretaker when you're gone or a yard person?

Barbara said...

I think all palms are gorgeous. I love to see them waving in the wind. I can't remember my favorites from my Florida days but I do remember I've always like white blooms for a moonlight garden.

Granny Annie said...

Gardening is not my forte and I used to threaten my mother if she came over and planted anything else around my house.

Ann said...

Those palms are lovely, something that just do'sent grown here in the midwest.

Tom Sightings said...

My only advice: go with the plants that naturally thrive in the Florida environment. Then they will still be there when you return next year.

Arkansas Patti said...

Check with the local Master Gardeners to see what would be best to plant for when you aren't there full time. They can be very helpful.

gigihawaii said...

Please don't plant trees or shrubs that will crack the foundation of your house.

Kc W said...

I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! Hopefully your thumb is greener than mine is!

Kay said...

This all sounds wonderful, but it sure looks like a lot of work. Those palms are so pretty.