Saturday, January 2, 2016

Watching in 2016

I am old enough to remember the days when social schedules had to be arranged around the airing time of favorite TV shows.  I do not have a DVR, but I do have cable with on-demand and a ROKU that allows me to use Netflix or other such services.  I think it is great that I can make up my own viewing schedule.

I used to be quite attention deficit when it came to TV watching.  Making a commitment of Sunday night time to watch Downton Abbey, for example, would have been too much for me.  I might have foregone the whole series in an earlier time.  Now I can watch it on-demand on Monday instead of watching the evening news.

Downton Abbey -- I am looking forward to the final season.  I may even watch on Sunday nights, but, really, anything that distracts me from the national news in the evening is a good thing.  Maybe I will watch each episode twice.

Grace and Frankie -- Surely there will be another season.  The first series ended with a cliffhanger.

Modern Family -- That show never fails to make me laugh out loud.

The Office -- I am binge watching the whole series now.  I rarely watched it before so I finally decided to catch up.  I was born in Scranton so I consider this a part of finding my cultural heritage.  God help me.

Joy -- I went to the theater to see this movie and I wish I had done more research beyond seeing the trailer.  Should have waited til it was on Netflix so I could have turned it off.  Why did anyone think the development of a mop would make a compelling story?

Flawless -- I watched this on Netflix so Robert DeNiro could redeemed himself for Joy in my eyes.  And he did!  Also, Philip Seymour Hoffman was outstanding.  So now I really want to see him in Capote.

Comedians in Cars Going for Coffee  -- how did I miss this before, I ask myself.

What will you be watching in 2016?

Will my mind turn to mush (or is it already there?)


  1. We watch some of the same shows! I can't wait for Grace & Frankie to come back! It has to come back! Really looking forward to Downton Abbey and The Americans!

  2. I haven't watched Downton Abbey in a few years. Hard to believe I know. I plan one big DA binge when it is finished. Grace & Frankie - definitely wishing and hoping. Modern Family is one of the funniest shows around. My life revolved around my DVR so I recorded so much and watched it at my leisure. Then I cut the cable and lived on Netflix and Amazon. Now that I've got U-verse, I have to reestablish my favorites. One thing I have been enjoying is some off channel that plays old CSI with Gil Grissom. Loved that show.

  3. I am not a t.v. watcher. I never have been. If I watch t.v., it is the evening news which my husband and I record to watch before we go to bed. (Not the best way to end the day!) I do watch Downton Abbey. I enjoy it immensely. I had my husband set it to be recorded in case for some reason I don't get it watched tomorrow night. Other than that, I have not television watching plans.

  4. David is lucky that we don't fight over the TV remote. TV just doesn't appeal to me.

  5. I'm a bit of a sports junkie, especially in the winter. So I'll be watching hockey and curling (which I'm currently watching) for certain. I also like political shows so Question Period and Power and Politics (both Canadian news programming) are regularly viewed. And I can't miss watching the news, usually at supper time.

    As far as programming goes, I've started watching Chicago MD. I've been told the other series, Chicago FD and PD are good but I've yet to catch them. Old standbys include The Big Bang Theory, Law & Order SVU, and Criminal Minds. I have the latter two set to record so I can watch them when I want to.

    Yes, I watch a lot of television!

  6. Sometimes I think I am the only one who has not watched Downton Abbey.Someday I will start at the beginning. I have Direct TV so I record every show I watch so that I can watch when I want and can fast forward thru the commercials. Ahh.
    Big Bang,Modern Family and Mom make me laugh out loud.

    1. Patti!!! Hurray!!! I missed you.

    2. Oh yes! Big Bang Theory! I love that show!

  7. In the spring of last year and the year before I enjoyed watching Call the Midwives on PBS. I don't know if they are bringing that back or not, wish they would! Other than that it's Greys Anatomy or Antiques Road Show!

  8. I have been watching everything Robert DeNiro non stop since seeing The Intern. If you haven't seen it you must. He is such a versatile actor from Taxi Driver crazy and Raging Bull to The Intern. Also don't be put off by CREED because of Rocky 3, 4 and 5. If you saw ROCKY and loved it, then you will love CREED. Thanks for the warning about JOY. I wondered.

  9. Uh oh... I think I was in the middle of a comment and got distracted and it published before I was finished. Oops.

    I was saying that DVR had spoiled us, and now we are watching Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Nova, etc. I haven't gotten into Downton Abbey, but I know everybody loves it.


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