Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Here I am at the airport waiting for my flight to Sarasota.  Oh, whoops!  I don't have a selfie to prove that statement.  I am sure I may have photo bombed someone else's though because the phone cameras are snapping all over the place.

There are two people who are not taking selfies besides me--one is sound asleep with a tiny little dog also sleeping on her chest and the other is softly playing the ukulele.  I am busy people watching.  Also bird watching as there are at least o half dozen sparrows flying around and scooping up dropped food crumbs.

I was in the cab and heading to the Burlington airport at 4 a.m. but I have had some coffee now so I am feeling somewhat functional.

I had the two grand kids for the weekend.  I also had my brother, sister, and brother-in-law for dinner on Sunday.

Before and after of the
promised crackers
grandson, granddaughter, brother, brother-in-law
(camera shy) and sister

Monday was the real treat for my grand kids.  I took them to do their Christmas shopping after we met my friend for a breakfast out.  This involved them missing a school day (bad former teacher!) and having to go to the University Mall.

They picked out presents for their mom.  I gave them each twenty dollars to buy a gift for the other.  Kristen was a little (or maybe alot) unsure abut Dane picking a good gift for her, but I was super impressed with the job he did.

He really looked and considered his options, clutching the $20 in his hand the whole time.  We went by Sephora in the middle of the JCPenney store.  He announced we were going to look in there because it was "the girliest place in the whole mall!"  A young salesgirl came up and asked if she could help.  She saw the money and asked Dane if that was his budget, then took him around making suggestions.  He kept track of prices and made his selections with great confidence.  He got his purchase gift wrapped.  It was so cute and I think his Sissy will be more than happy on Christmas morning.

Since their mom had to work, I drove them all the way home, 150 mile round trip.  I got home at 7 p.m. and had to clean the house before leaving so that 3:15 wake-up alarm was pretty darn rude.  But it was a fun weekend for sure.


  1. Wow you were burning the candle at both ends yesterday and today. Hope your flight was good and you got to the southern latitudes with no difficulty.

  2. That Dane is so adorable. Hope his sister likes her present.

  3. Obviously, you are one great grandmother!

  4. You did good, Olga! Now that I don't teach, I'm a little lax, too, if I want to do something with them on a school day. Not often - but it's kind of a double treat for them! Love the idea of the kids shopping for each other with money you gave them. Sweet! As the wind chill here measures minus 15 and cloudy, I'm wondering if you're sipping fresh orange juice on your patio?

  5. Shopping with grandchildren is the best kind of shopping!


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