Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Settled In.

I am pretty much settled in for the time being.  There are a few things I want to do, but they will wait until the spring.  First of all, I will be heading to Florida in mid December so I have to get Christmas done before then.  Second, my son will stay here for the winter and I will have to wait until he moves into his own place in the spring before I can tackle furnishing the spare bedroom and the living room.

But for now, my space is the way I want it.  I think it kind of scream ME.

My craft room work table

My toys

This space was a selling point--a bonus room that is only available on end units.
And above this room is a storage room--something I very much needed even with all the downsizing.

Well, I needed to store what eventually will go into the spare bedroom and a space to tuck away cleaning supplies.

So, there is the first peek at my new place.


  1. Sounds spacious and convenient for a condo. The good thing is that you can just lock the front door and go to Florida without worrying so much about security.

  2. You look very well organized already. Have your son do the picture hanging and hinge replacement or what not while your are in Florida.

  3. Everything looks so neat and in order. I am impressed! You did a lot of work...

  4. The place looks great. You got a lot done in very short order. You haven't been there a week yet. Well done Olga!

  5. How exciting to set your new place up just the way YOU want it.

  6. Your own setup! You must feel so gratified.

  7. You work fast! We moved eight years ago and STILL have unopened boxes in the basement.

  8. Your new place is coming along beautifully! I'm very jealous of that extra storage space, too! I just got a new steam cleaner for the carpets and where am I supposed to put it?

    1. So good to see your craft room set up. I bet that was the first area you sorted out!

  9. Storage is vital and it looks like you really found the perfect place for yourself and loved ones who visit too. Peeerfect!


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