Monday, August 24, 2015


The past week was perfect summer weather.  My granddaughter was here for three days but then she had to go home so she could attend high school orientation.  (Which is something that does not even seem possible.)  My grandson was just not ready to go home so we stretched his visit out to a full week.  He really thought he should be allowed to stay until Tuesday since he doesn't have to go back to school until Wednesday.

The weather was most conducive to time at the beach.  We only missed one day.

One day we had a picnic, much to the delight of the seagulls who were given a special invitation by the grandkids.

We took a trip to Smugglers' Notch and climbed on rocks.  It would have been a great place to take some pictures, but I forgot my phone and my camera is broken.

We, of course, had to do some shopping.  Dane discovered the joys of the mall when he realized it wasn't all clothing stores--there was a skateboard shop, a toy store, and a sporting goods store there as well!  I bought him a soccer ball since he has been playing with a friend at home this summer.  This may have been a mistake on my part.  If we weren't swimming, he wanted to be playing soccer. 

Now, I really, really wanted to encourage this kind of activity over sitting with a hand-held game device.  My head and heart were right there.  The old body, however...  Actually, I do get an aggressively competitive streak when undertaking these endeavors--enough to impress the young lad.

Eating out is a treat now that we are no longer limited to a choice between McDonalds and Burger King and who might be giving out the better toy in a kid's meal.  A big step in growth and development.  We ate outside on Church Street in Burlington and enjoyed the people watching as well as the food.

Liked the food

Liked the wifi

Sunday morning breakfast at the new bakery.  Milk and a chocolate cupcake--what happens at grandma's house stays at grandma's.

On Thursday, Dane went with me to make cards with the group I meet with about once a month.

One of us was more into bling than the other.

Then we went to a Lake Monsters baseball game.  Fun, except the home team lost.

Who doesn't love a ball game and a hot dog?


  1. And this week you will be resting?? Sounds like a great time and precious memories.

  2. You create such wonderful experiences for your grands. They'll always remember these special times with you! Now, get some R&R!!

  3. Your grandkids really look different, especially your granddaughter. How time flies when you're having fun.

  4. Your family is so lucky to have such fun and special times!!! love all things baseball here !

  5. Sheesh, no wonder you were tired. Still you really showed your grands a great time and I got a giggle about your competitiveness. That doesn't go away with age does it?
    Ya done good grandma--now rest.

  6. Dane having a chocolate cupcake for breakfast reminded me of the week we spent on vacation. We took along a friend to be with our daughter. The first morning my husband asked her what she'd like for breakfast, saying "You can have whatever you want! We're on vacation!" She opted for a bowl of ice cream to test out whether we really meant what he'd said. Of course he did! And he joined her with his own bowl of ice cream. Every day of our vacation! :) Great times. And great times for your grands as well! They will always remember sharing these times with you.

  7. I was the first one to teach my grandson to play soccer, but now that he is 12, I am too old and decrepit to off er much of a challenge. Sad, but true.
    There's nothing better than when your grandchild truly enjoys your company.

  8. Your grand kids looks cute. You h!ad a wonderful time with them. Have a nice day

  9. You had a wonderful week! Lucky you. Somehow I never did a week, or even a few days, with a one on one with the grandkids. Dane will remember that you played soccer with him. What a treasured memory that will be.

  10. Love the pictures -- especially the cupcake face! Sounds like you had great time. I can't believe you are going to have a high school student! Time does fly.

  11. What a treat to have older grandkids. I still have none. Cakes for breakfast on a Sunday brings back memories.


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