Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flea Market Finds

Mike and I used to peruse a local flea market many sunny weekend mornings. Mike had the eye.  He picked good stuff, as in stuff with value.  He could tell the genuine from the clever fakes.

I, on the other hand, cannot really discern the genuine from the blatantly obvious fakes.  However, I do know what I like, what attracts me or calls my name for some reason.  It is not like I consider my flea market purchases investments.

Carltonware made a line of pottery called Walkingware--because it had walking feet.  After the company closed, as I understand it, at least one company had permission to use original molds.  These pieces may or may not have been marked.  I found these egg cups at the flea market last Sunday.  They are not marked so I won't ever say they are "real," but I think they are cute.

I thought I would start an egg cup collection for my granddaughter.  If she wants, she can use these for jewelry catch-alls.

I also bought four of these plates that were made in Italy.  They are marked Ceramica, which does make Italian dishes and kitchen accessories.  I just really like the colors.  I am a sucker for dishes.  It used to distress Mike because he wanted everything to match--full sets.

It wasn't a big investment and my finds made my happy.


  1. Those egg cups are cute! They'd hold jewelry, hair ties, all sort of items.

    I'm a sucker for dishes too though we don't have flea markets, so I tend to pick up various pieces at Winners Home Sense when they go on sale. I have a dozen different white plates with various patterns, some pretty colored ones as well. I never feed that many people at one time but I still love them!

  2. A birthday present to yourself! I love the feet egg dishes.

  3. Like you I am not good at knowing the real from the fake. I too buy what I like and never think of it as an investment.
    Great idea about collecting these for your granddaughter. I would imagine she will love them. Their really cute.
    I too love dishes and have to make myself pass them by now.
    Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.
    It has been raining here all week from Bill. I imagine your getting some of that too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Those egg cups with feet!! Just too cute!! I think your granddaughter will treasure them.

  5. Good for you! I like your style. If it makes you happy, give it a good home!

  6. I love those cute egg cups, which David would enjoy, too.
    I also prefer full sets, like your husband, though.

  7. I like the plate. The bird reminds of some of the bird graphics used on the one bamboo tile of classic mahjong sets. Neat find.

  8. Those egg cups are adorable. What a great collection to start for your grand girl.

  9. The little egg cups are cute but I really love the plate -- it makes me feel happy!

  10. Starting something for your grands is an awesome idea

  11. Those egg cups are just adorable. I love it and your granddaughter will love them too. I've always wanted Fiestaware and still look at them longingly, but we're using Corelle and Corningware now.


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